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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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for joy, reading a book, or tablet.


1.Zone designator for outside joy activities

2.Motes for joy activities that hand over pawn that is doing them

3.Unified variable from ThingDefs in the pathfinder class and in building class insted of Building_Door. (<IsDoor>)
All i do is clutter all around.


I have been playing a lot of Rimworld lately.
And I love the game but there is 1 thing that frustrates me. Namely the fact that you need to first break down a wall before you can make a new wall, even is it is a natural wall. So the thing I would love to see is being able to give the command to build a wall. And that your collonist would then automaticly break the wall and build the new one without having to give 2 separate commands


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Infinite research for profit.

When the game is finished and everything has been researched, you should be able to research various fields of science and sell your discoveries.

Simple small boxes like organs to place at the beacon.

The descriptions can be vague and amusing like the crafted art in the game.

You mean like Civ's "Future Tech"? That'd be great, yes.
I like how this game can result in quotes that would be quite unnerving when said in public, out of context. - Myself

The dubious quotes list is now public. See it here

lone colonist

Would like to see filter and 'sell all ' function add to the trade menu, so you can  sort out what you want to sell and sell them all with 1 click.


I have two ideas

1. Add a type of cover that prevents passage, like the embrasures of some mods, or at least something like a chain-link fence that slows down enemies by a lot.
Right now, while sandbags are nice, it provides little protection from melee enemies, and enemies that rush past you such as mechanoids or brawlers can easily crumple your entire defensive line simply because there is nothing stopping them.
A barricade that stops enemies from walking right past you while still allowing you to shoot them would be nice.

2. Let prisoners have a joy need again. Before, I could use prisoner joy to keep my guys relatively happy without my warden babysitting the prisoners, and all it pretty much needed was a table and a horseshoe set in the prison.
Now, my prisoners are harder to keep happy then ever, and there is absolutely nothing I can do to make them happier unless I shower them with carpets and royal beds and statues, and really, if I could have all those stuff, I would give them to my colonists. The prisoners keep on breaking down, getting into fistfights, which make others break down, and keep on repeating, then a guy gets a infection and dies.
If we still had the joy need, we would be able to make prisoners slightly more happy, which in turn will reduce the amount of time you put into your prison. I mean, why on earth are my prisoners requiring 1-on-1 counseling to keep sane?


A designated "Cleaning time" on timetable and have cleaning as a random joy option (similar to wandering)


Someway that you can save your presets of tasking your colony when you prioritize task they do according to the task selected. This is where you can choose to either just tick the boxes what a colonists can do in terms of their skills or you just want them to do it i.e doctoring, researcher etc or prioritize each one using a numerical value between 1-4.

I like to have set presets for certain colonist using the largest map and using prepare carefully selecting 8 colonists then just going through them one by one in game selecting each individual colonist order of tasks set.


In the Work screen, add the ability to toggle off/on any job, while preserving the values.
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"I don't like that farmers chop people up."

Obviously she has already played Rimworld :P

Read the wiki. Edit the wiki. Let the wiki be your guide.


A few things popped in to my mind last night while trying to get sleep. I play a lot of Dwarf Fortress also so some of these you might already be familiar with.

Burrows/alerts: When a "Raid"-alert comes, civilians are restricted to a designated area and soldiers go to their posts. Also, I would like to restrict some colonist movements in other times as well, for example if I don't want my frail back 70-year old hauler go to several day hike to get some of alfabear meat from that crashed pod.

Workshop profile: Restrict a certain workshop to a specific worker. I mainly would use this to separate cooking and brewing, but it would also help to optimize jobs in a bigger colony.

Wells and personal hygiene: Colonists would have a hygiene-meter, which tics down a somewhat every day. Poor hygiene gives a minor mood penalty and a higher risk for disease and infection. If there is water around, colonists would want to wash themselves every once in a while, but if there isn't or the water source if far away, player could research and build a well (not a cheap project!). If it rains, it gets rid of the mood penalty for a short time. Also, exotic goods traders could sell soap which gives "good hygiene" mood bonus and a small resistance to disease and infection.

Impaling: You can execute a prisoner by impaling them to a wooden stake anywhere in your colony. If raiders see it, it is easier to make the flee, but of course impalement gives a big mood penalty to your colonists. Except psychopaths, which my colony currently consist of... ;)

Books and bookshelves: You can buy books from exotic goods traders and colonists will read them for joy. They rarely read the same book twice and non-intellect or poor sighted colonists won't read them at all. Some books could be skill-books and give a small boost to either learning or just give points.

Actual prison: A wall can be constructed that is made of steel bars, rather than solid steel. Warden could interact with the prisoner without actually going inside. I also find it funny that a prisoner in restrains can just headbutt an iron door down.


Animal Bait. Mix of plants and meat. (simply attracts animals)
Animal Repellent. animal corpse (ward away animals)

Got idea from some monkeys I trapped in a cave with a door.
They started just passing out and getting malnourished like it was a planned trap and I wondered why this wasn't taken advantage of yet for player made animal traps/farms.


How about repeatable researches that increase in difficulty each time?

Like a research that increases pick damage by 1(non-adjustable.)

4 times and it would make Pnuematic Picks much, much better...


I quality of life improvement.

How about a button on zones (grow, stockpile...) next to delete and rename that cycle the color of the zone. Not necessary to a random color just the next in line of colors.

/ qwe85


A hospitality system. Visitors can sleep in your guest area (with guest beds), eat your food, use your 'fun' stuff and pay for the whole experience!

I know it's probably a little longer that four hours.

Love the game. I die a lot.

Drip T Rat

I like Jenk0031's idea above.

For my end, I'd like to be able to designate a "Hunting Zone" where by designated animals who pass into the hunting zone will get automatically flagged to be hunted. Probably best that the flag stay put even if the animal wanders out of the area.

Also I'd like a way to quickly designate a pawn who is having trouble to take the day off. Click the pawn click "Have A Me Day" and then let him recover in his own way

The game keeps getting better and better!