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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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The ability to rescue broken/wandering/starving people from other factions wandering your map.

In my last game, there was a character from a neutral faction wandering the map starving and near death, and I wanted to "capture" them to nurse them back to health. The only way to do so was to put a colonist into "draft" mode and capture them, and the faction became  hostile in response.

It seems it would be relatively easy to add a 'rescue' option  when someone is in distress but not incapacitated? Rescuing them should be a positive influence on faction relations.


long term statistics:
number enemies killed(break down by type)
mullafo hunted
food farm (break down by hydroponics and dirt farming?)

Benny the Icepick

A really simple suggestion:  Can we get a visual of character's statistics?  Especially in the initial colonist selection screen, having some "status bars" in addition to the numerical value would make it a whole lot easier to tell at a glance what a character is good at. 

At present, my eyes are naturally drawn to the "flame" graphics (which judging from a lot of "Let's Play" videos new players mistake for ability rather than passion).  In the same vein, the "progress bars" in the character info pane at first glance look more like overall aptitude in skills rather than "level up" progress.

If bars are too difficult or take up too much screen real estate, even a gradient system like you have set up in the "Overview" screen would be good.


I have been playing this game for sometime now, and i would like to make a few remarks:
1- I would really appreciate some way of sorting my colonists on the overview tab. Like so many RTS games that sort them out by function. Once over 20 settlers it gets hard to organize them.
2- Maybe this is asking to much but i think those ever collapsing rocks [from thick roof collapses] should have a spawn limit, like if you destroy it 3 times, the thickness changes and the roof collapses into simple rocks.
3- Just a aesthetic thing, If rain would actually clean blood from the map would be nice, i have played games of 300+ days and parts of my map were just RED from blood.


Somewhat inspired by a previous idea, but completely separate.

Could we make the path tracks for the colonists color coded? Could pick for example the main color of their garment, or just assign suitable colors from a list. (Probably better, since tribals all have pretty much the same color, and not all colors might be easy to see. In that case, make sure a particular colonist keeps "his" color until he dies.)

This would make it easier to see who is going where when you have multiple colonists selected. (Or if, you know, there was a way to easily toggle paths for all colonists on and off.)


It'd be nice if lamps showed the area they light up, both when you are trying to place them, and if you select them. (Like the sun lamp does.)

I like placing lamps where I expect enemies to show up, but don't want to light up my own positions or turrets.


An unforbid tool in orders
permits any objects within the selection if they're currently forbidden
to make post-battle clean up faster if it's in a messy/large area


A button on crafting stations, to push its current bills to all other crafting stations of the same kind.

Most of the time when you make changes in for example how many you want to aim for, or if you add a bill, you want the other crafting stations to have the same tasks.


 Battle-stations buttons like FTL has, militia-ising every colonist and sending them to the saved positions?

Maybe in orders, one to save positions and the other to activate or something.


Probably already on this list.

Flare/Smoke - Just to remember important stuff on the map.


I don't think it's been suggested yet, so:

Default Bills
All crafting objects come with default bills.  Crematoriums have Do Forever burn Human Corpse.  Cook stoves have Do Forever cook Simple Meal.  Butcher tables butcher non-human corpses forever.  Stone cutter benches make infinite stone blocks.

These aren't meant to be permanent bills, just starting bills. It slightly simplifies things.

Sync Bills
An option to keep bills in sync for all same-type crafting stations.  Default is On.  (I truly can't think of a reason to have different bills on things, but that may just be my play style.)


Darker nights would be nice.


Having the home area automatically designate reparing and cleaning is great for interior areas; but not so much for exterior areas.

There are things like outside walls and turrets I want to keep repaired, but I don't need my cleaning ladies sweeping up the sand around them, too.

Just having one or two more zone choices would fix this. Keep the home zone to have both, and have either just a seperate repair zone, or have both a seperate repair and cleaning zone (though I can't imagine why you'd want to clean something you wouldn't also want repaired).


There are many request to add creation of space ships. A simple starting step could be to add a space ship engine / pilot block.

It could only be placed on metal floor and requires a lot of metal to build. Once build it has a task "jump" that will jump you into a new world. Everything on connected metal tiles will be taken along. If the metal floor is not surrounded by metal wall/door everyone dies. Everything outside this one metal room is left behind.

It would act as a rescue option and it would keep the game going if I done or tiered of a map.


Quote from: billerinstinct on June 16, 2014, 06:11:34 AM
Darker nights would be nice.

Darker nights would be awesome. It would give such an eerie feeling to not know what goes in the deep dark corners of the map, or even in the corners of your own base, forcing you to put lights everywhere.
I like how this game can result in quotes that would be quite unnerving when said in public, out of context. - Myself

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