Your Cheapest Ideas

Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Make the game free. You said cheapest ideas, right?
- The Squirrel-Llama Manhunting Association CEO


Create a cosmetic surgery mod that literally goes "5 glitterworld medicine = ingredients for surgery that removes ugly/staggeringly ugly". I feel so bad for my current staggeringly ugly colonist :( May you find solace in being semi-useful and wholly-unloved, Ace.


triggers, pressure plates, sensors and wirings. Setting sensor to turn on/off lights and heating/cooling when people not in room is kinda useful.


it would be dramatic if colonists could get injuries from working e.g. cooks get burns


make you able to make bedroom zones, which is owned by a person or couple, so you could potentially create a individual apartment with Livingroom, tv's etc for each individuals.

owning your own couch, and TV rather than having to go to the communal longue to watch your favorite soccer game with 10 others, possible people you don't like is generally preferred I'd think.

So give positive moodlet and so on for having their own place to relax and chill at times.
This could be something that individualists in the DLC desire, since their a person.. not just a cog in the machine.


- glowing wild mushrooms being counted as dark light
- wine from berries (reskinned beer)
- ambrosia from Gauranlen trees
- hallucinogenic mushrooms that can be grown without light (main drawback is chance for mental breaks)
- the chance of mortars dropping barrel being related to condition (ie 5/20 has 25% chance, 19/20 has 95% chance)
- planter pots that work like unpowered hydroponic basins but with normal fertility
- make flagstone cost one less stone so there is a reason to use it
- a radio that gives music recreation (could be used like tvs for hospital patients)
- some sort of ultratech ranged weapon (for noble weapons)
- tar floor, highly flammable floor type that slows like mud. (made from chemfuel)
- ability to craft simple helmet out of wood
- psychic dampener, implant that reduces psychic sensitivity, opposite of psychic sensitizer
- gambson and arming cap, cheap armor that can be made from textiles, also very warm
- fueled cremator (for tribals)
- remote bombs, like ieds but need to be manually detonated (need power to work?)
- prosthetic eyes
- variants of the advanced armor helmets that offer toxicity and psychic protection
- painkiller pills made from smokeleaf at a drug lab
- make pain make mood drop by increments of 1 rather than 5 so painkillers matter more
- heavy weapons that work like manned turrets
- make animals that consume drug plants (raw leaves or the entire plant) get drugged from it
- make standing in water lower perceived temperature
- low tech mine for getting stone chunks (for tribal with no electricity runs)


On Female/Male supremacy:
Limit inferior and superior gender to certain tasks and equipment by precept/meme.
- Hunting and carrying a gun is only allowed for supremacy gender.
- For example cleaning/cooking/caring can only be allowed by the inferior. 

Trading precept/meme. 
- more items on visiting caravan
- more regular caravans
- more offers
- starting animal can transport
- Maybe a ritual involving traders.


Create pre built options for clothing profiles for noble clothing requirments: as in create a pre-set option in the clothing assignment menu  for each noble title that only allows the required clothing for that title. If it could auto-capture requirements added by mods too that would be great. just a little qol thing. Thank you!


Give your pawn a medium mood boost when they met a long lost relative in a visiting caravan, something like +10 for a few days.

Seeing a relative that lives in another colony is a rare event on the Rim and could be acknowledged by the game somehow.


I would love to see a lot more memes. Like, a lot more. I don't know if you are planning to add more or not, seeing as I'm just now getting more involved in this community. Is there a road map you can point me to?


A completionist trait that gives a -1 mood debuff when the pawn is forced to stop at the middle of doing something (eg not finishing a sculpture) that ends when that work is either canceled, destroyed finished or disposed of in any way (eg said sculpture's bill is cancelled, a raider destroyed the unfinished sculpture, the sculpture being finished or it being dropped out of a caravan, respectively). and the trait gives a slightly bigger mood buff when a project is finished (eg the sculpture is finished).


Please bring back the feature where the pawn that constructed the buildings would construct them in their ideoligion's style. This stopped being the case after Biotech and now pawns only build in the dominant ideoligion's style.

Also when using the appearance editor with styling station, the options available used to be determined by the hairstyles and tattoos that the pawn's ideoligion allowed, but now the only options available are those of the dominant ideoligion.

The game used to have this sense of different ideoligions being present and if you had a multicultural colony you could see that, but now everything and everyone looks the same, apart from their genes obviously. It saddens me.