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Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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Quote from: Roundsquare on August 06, 2014, 05:19:06 PMToo long to quote ;D
You really might want to have a look at Superpirson's trap mod

Just a wild guess but I feel like you like traps =P


Somehow missed that one, seems good.

Will keep searching for new ideas to propose.


When my builders haul rocks out of the way for construction, just haul it to the designated zone if it already had a haul order.
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(((Cheapest Idea)))

Add back old features:
-rule colony by fear
-beating options for prisoners (only if u add the first one)


Don't know if its been suggested, pretty simple stuff:

- A wooden fence. Requires one/two wood, is not passible, doesn't provide cover, doesn't generate a roof. Useful for keeping animals out of your crops

- Chainlink fence. Same as above, but made with metal and a little stronger.
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I don't know if these have been mentioned, but a few cheap ideas I have are:

A moral boost from armor vest (+3) and power armor (+7).
Also maybe from having a bad ass weapon, minigun (+3), R-4 (+3), L-15 (+2), M16 (+2), M24 (+3), uzi (+1), shotgun(+1) and whatever else you feel is reasonable.
I mention these because it is almost impossible to get moral up to 80% so I think something like this would be a good improvement.

Also stacking guns somewhat maybe at least to 4 would be nice.

I would personally love to see solar panels reduced to 3x3, that's almost half the space.

Raiders should attempt to loot valuable items metal, silver, med kits, shells, missiles.

Donating med kits, shells, missiles at a better rate than selling for silver to other factions for goodwill.

Saving base plan layouts and loading them in new games, placement and rotating.

Automatic on/off for lights of occupied rooms, and unused electronics except for sunlamp/coms console should always need those on.

Code Green button colonists have full access to map.  Also turns turrets off automatically.

Code Yellew button colonist have access to anything 100+ tiles away from an enemy and route around radius, turrets off automatically.

Code Red button colonist stay and work only in home region.  Also turns turrets on automatically.

Red envelop auto pauses the game, and activates Code Red, could even start using the awesome alert siren noises you had in one of the videos, when they enter the home region.

Turrets could maybe use some research to double their health for like 20,000 research points or more, and the ability to upgrade the turret after research for 40 more metal, upgraded guns could also drop the, what is is half the metal, so 20 more metal than a regular turret.

I'm gonna create a regular post of this too in case you stopped reading this thread.


Solar flares should take R-4 Charge Rifles offline as well.


Quote from: LeoTiger1986 on August 06, 2014, 09:21:37 PMAlso stacking guns somewhat maybe at least to 4 would be nice.

It would be really nice if storage racks did this for guns.


Make the minigun more accurate (becasue in RL, it is more accurate than any HMG).
Limit it to power-armor.


A way to sell stone bricks would be nice.  I am thinking through the industrial trader.  I usually build my bases by mining into mountains, but it produces so much rubble.  I always turn the rubble into stone bricks and metal with the slag furnace and stoneworking bench, but since there is no place to sell stone bricks (and they have very little use) I usually end up with a stupid amount of stone bricks.  Currently I have 17000+, and it is kind of ridiculous.  Takes up way too much storage space, and I can't figure out how to get rid of it.  I would suggest making them really cheap to sell though, like 1 silver apiece


An activable power node :
Like a power conduit, but we can activate/desactivate the electricity transmision.
That would be a great and simple way to control electricity for whole sector or make emergencie battery that can be linked to your powergrid when needed. "Scott, convert the auxiliary power of the life support to the armement, we need that firepower !"


Don't know if it was mentioned before but consider this:
Toggle "sticky plans".
Building an underground base with the plans constantly disappearing due to the mining can be...slightly annoying. ^^
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That is a laughable question.


Maybe now posted already since this thread is now massive.

What about fox holes to fight from?



I think the following would be cheap to implement and is quite crucial to the gameзlay comfort.

1. Queued orders.
You shift-click the colonist to do something one after another, and he does the job in that order, possibly interrupting that to fulfil his needs (sleep, eat, whatever).
The order list could be seen (okay, that's not so cheap maybe) and edited (by removing some of the jobs).

2. Personal beds.
The ability to bind a certain bed to a certain colonist is a must. It's so frustrating when you build a royal room and your noble prefers to sleep somewhere else.

3. Designating auto-reconstruction zones.
That is, when you mark a reconstruction zone, any buildings destroyed there are going to be rebuilt without your attention.

4. Ability to mark the object action from that object.
That is, when I select a rock, I would like to be able to mark it for dumping right away, rather then going to menus and marking areas.

5. Ablility to see the items on a corpse.
Sometimes I would like to undress the corpse if it has some decent armor on, but how can I tell it does?

6. Ability to burn the trash.
By thrash I mean unused clothes, which are quite annoying sometimes in later stages.
Also it would be a nice option to melt weapons to metal (why not?).

OK, enough for now, tell me please if this is good or not.


Ive noticed how the area you land in is always a temperate zone, with some decent grass and dirt areas and a few sand pits, how about adding a possibility of getting and artic, or Desert zone, like say the grass is whiter from snow, its no less fertile or anything just a cosmetic idea, however a desert area would have like one or two oasis areas with dirt to grow, which would force people on a hard mode where they would need to develop Hydroponics quickly to get a decent food supply for any colony above like three or four people. make another challenge basically. I mean the artic zone would fit the snow and heavy snow weather effects currently in the game. later on in long term builds you could make the artic area have like a temperature buff or whatever where you take slight damage if not wearing good clothes for a winter area. but thats not needed right now.