Your Cheapest Ideas

Started by Tynan, October 09, 2013, 12:17:07 AM

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How about muffalo chops? (Food drops when a muffalo dies)  :-X


A quick one from me:

Fire extinguishers- let colonists reach further to fight fire, such as over unpathable objects like the outside of a solar panel


A light/wall, combination of this would allow for large rooms with minimal lighting, as the wall could be used as a column, while lighting it's surroundings.


Two very important, cheap ideas.

1: Flourescent lighting. Not allowed to contribute to "Brightly Lit" status, but provides a lot of "Lit" lighting for very little electricity. LED lighting should be even better. Make us research these.

2: Breakfast! If you get out of bed with nothing that has to be urgently done (like grabbing your rifle to shoot bandits, or putting out fires,) the very first thing you should do is eat! I am so sick of seeing my colonists sprint from their beds down into the mines, start mining one fucking tile, then go "Ooops, my belly's rumbly, better sprint back out of the mines into the dormitories and have breakfast!"
Raiders must die!


When I came here I was full of ideas, but seeing that there are a lot of excellent threads (This is not only already a good game, but the community seems to have a picture in mind that I like :) ) already addressing most, I will focus on small suggestions:

* Colonists go eat/sleep even when they are nearly finished with a construction job.
* Colonists move at the same speed, so persuing raiders is impossible.
* I always click on the door icon when I want to build a power conduit.
* I always look for the home zone tools under Area instead of Orders.
* I mix up Structure and Buildings.
* Moving an object is not yet possible. One has to sell and rebuild it.
* Colonists could move resources on their way back to base when going to eat/sleep.
* Building/Repairing turrets encircled by sandbags does not work.
* ?Blood does not decay?

And here's a big one:
Please, make good use of the tech and crafting system. I want the game to be hard not because of raiders, but because I crashed on a planet with nothing. Building high tech like a nutrient paste dispenser and a comm station should imo be much harder. Survival game :)
And what I've learned from Prison Architect: Please don't make people start over a lot. Concentrate changes that break existing colonies or make starting over more feasable into one patch every now and then.

Please feel free to continue the list :)


Here's a few suggestions primarily pertaining to the combat aspect of the game.

1. Bunkers: A build-able structure similar to Starcraft bunkers in that they can house a few colonists while repelling hostile forces. limit of 2 colonists and said colonists cannot utilize grenades.

2. Alert system: A set of sirens that when activated will immediately put colonists in a limited range immediately into DRAFT mode and await orders. The reason i suggest this is because A: it prevents random, non military colonists from running up to a sentry turret that's about to go kaboom or into oncoming fire. and B: allows for a quick organization of forces to work during an emergency.

3. Cave-in charges: specialized mining charges that when placed in places with an overhang (Structures or under the mountains) causes debris to fall in the immediate vicinity in order to damage and block off access through tunnels. Medium level research and fairly high materials cost.

4. "decoy" explosives: Dummies dressed as colonists that can draw the attention of raiders but will explode when HP runs out. useful for delaying and elimination of raiding parties


I realise now this is a better place, didnt see it before. This idea has no effect on gameplay, but could enhance the storytelling by giving the player a prompt if you were, on how their characters arrived, and their current roles.


How about a really easy event to make. Lab accident while someone is researching set fire or knock out some people for a day. I would say illness but that's not cheap the fire and pretty sure the knock out is somewhere in the game.

Also make the AI enemy shoot mines and give the mines 5 10 hit points

Maybe a bomb squad team with 1 sniper to 3 grenadier that try to attack your walls.

Raiders with a miner maybe to dig in the stone. But there is tricks to stop miners just putting sandbags along the whole wall might stop this.
also sure people will not like there map getting chewed up by the ai


Using search, I havent found many people talking about this, but it would be great to allow players to speed up the battle time.
Its nice that now the time slows down to notify you that there is a battle happening, but really if its a few squirrels, I think we should get the option of manually speeding it back up so we dont have to watch our colonists punch the squirrels for 3 minutes.

good to slow down time,
bad to restrict user option to manually speed it back up

I love what youre doing Tynan!


Love your game !
(Sorry for any mistake i'm not too familiar with english)

few ideas :

*Add more colours for the floor

*We start from a crash, it makes more sense to dig trench instead of sandbag or maybe just add trench which need only a shovel or hands.

*Add some infos on the codex :P (dunno if we can do it)

*Can you add some walls that doesn't conduct electricity (which means explose) if we want to dig metals just to dig it and close the hole.

*After that update i get my game to 20+ colons it would be awsome if we can Ctrl+X or make groups (like toogle marins, commissar together as gunners without selecting others, as groups of differents weapons that will add some strategy to our placement) Sorry if that is not so cheap.

*Allow turrets to shot animals (or allow us to do it manually)

*some cutting/bladed(?) weapons? (We see guns everywhere, isn't it on the game way to get some knife, sword or heavy metal bar love that etc... ? I realy don't know, no offense in this)

*It would be great to add somekind of patroiling pathern for noble or assassin which can basicly do nothing

*Possibility to move up/down people in the priority menu (which allow you to align miners/oaf/scientist etc... and in term let you be faster to change/update priorities)

*movable machin gun which doesn't require electricity but one person and depend on shooting ability (maybe use those buyable bullets)


There should definitely be a morale (loyalty) boost whenever your colony repels or defeats a marauding group of raiders. As it stands there only seems to be a drop due to: "Seen a dead body", "Witnessed someone die"

king komodo

Two things.
1) crops should (eventually) require water.
2) there should be a way to "collect" this water to allow for say better meals (since all forms of food currently give a negative impact on happiness) fro which I have 2 ideas one being a simple water collection tower (water level rises when it rains drops when used) and 2 is a condenser (would most likely require researcing) gets placed over gysers and as that "cools" creates water more reliable but not as fast as the water tower.


This should be easy. How about letting rain wash off blood?

Sorry if it's already been suggested.


Add an invite option for travelers. There is a chance they will flat out refuse based on how good your base is. Once they are a "guest" they could function pretty much the same as prisoners for now but without the penalty of being imprisoned, and they will decide to leave if their happiness drops to a certain level.


Ability to bribe raiders into leaving you alone (using coms, or sending out an unarmed ambassador to them).

Would be an interesting idea if you had tons of cash and a bunch of raiders came to wipe you out, and you handed over a couple thousand dollars for "protection".
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