Prison break sound amazing

Started by Livingston I Presume, January 30, 2016, 05:27:53 AM

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Livingston I Presume

The title says it all, prison breaks are going to be amazing, looking forward to playing around with that

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New tactic

Place prisoner blocks beside your outer walls with doors leading to the outside.

Separate prisoners by factions.

Just outside their cells are guns and rocket launchers.

Wait for mechanoid raids.

Release them all.
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Livingston I Presume

That's what boomalopes are for but yeah, I like that.  I just wish the different factions changed allegiance with each other every now and then, to enforce the idea that there is stuff going on all over the rimworld


My cell blocks will just include a large number of turrets and traps now. As it is my prisons are fairly isolated and secure usually.


Dammit, theres 1 mod i wont be completing....90% there as well. BOOO!
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