Destroyed on the First Day

Started by DramaticKarma, June 15, 2018, 08:46:37 PM

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So, I'm a relatively new Rimworld Player, and the other day I was chatting with a friend while playing Rimworld. I had just started a new colony after installing some mods, and everything was looking up...And, well, I'll just show you what I sent to my friend moments later.

("Mild" Cursing Ahead)
QuoteLiterally 3 of my colonist got nearly killed (as in so hurt they couldn't even crawl to safety) BY FREAKING GIANT CAVE INSECTS on the first day. And then Kay, my poor emo child, comes in and stabs a the remaining insects with a knife like 3 times and saves the day! I didn't know she was so badass. I HADN'T EVEN BUILT BEDS YET WHAT THE CRAP. So, like, I'm gonna try to still play this, but this is so unfair. Anyway, so everyone's probably gonna die. But, if they don't, yay! Kay...Also has lvl 1 doctor skill.
(End of "MILD" Cursing)

So, you can imagine I was pretty surprised. I received no notification of an event of any sort involving these "cave insects" who I later discovered were Spelopedes, which I found rather odd. All I knew is that I set all my colonists to attack any enemy on sight, even if they're not drafted, and 10 minutes later I received a notification that Jesse was injured, and I looked and he was attacking some Spelopedes in a cave. I specifically remember being confused because I thought I would get some sort of notification for something like this.

So, anyway...I was watching Kay hurry to try to build beds so she could have somewhere to treat her poor fellow colonists (speaking of, can't she at least stabilize them while they're on the ground? Like come on...) and I was starting to panic a little:

QuoteNow Kay has to rescue the other three colonist and send them to a medical bed...That doesn't exist yet..
Oh, and Kay can't cook because she's afraid of fire
So yay!
If their injuries don't kill them, starvation will!

Yeah, uhm, it was quite the predicament, even before...

Soren died!

...Even before that happened.

Soren was my poor baby who got bitten in the eye by a gazelle in my last play through, so I was HEARTBROKEN. He was my child! Flesh of my flesh--well, actually he's made of pixels, not flesh, but WHO CARES!! HE WAS MINE! And now he was gone. So...

QuoteI'm making a new colony
This is too much drama for the first day.

QuoteR.I.P. Soren


Yup. A colony of mine was doing quite well, a small barracks and prison set up the day before, but a heat wave set in on day 4. I had no power setup at that time, and passive coolers had not been researched. My 4 colonists didn't make it even 12 hours before dying of heatstroke. It happens.


Thanks! I appreciate the...words of encouragement?

Uhm, anyway, but I was doing some research because I thought it odd that these overpowered bugs showed up and there was no notification. Apparently they only come in 'infestations' but I don't know what that means...But I assume you get a notification for that?

Idk why I'm obsessing over this. O.o



You can treat people without beds.  Just place a sleeping spot on the ground and set it to be medical.


Quote from: Aerial on June 19, 2018, 04:05:38 PM
You can treat people without beds.  Just place a sleeping spot on the ground and set it to be medical.


Dang. I feel pretty stupid now...


If you were in a mountainous biome, then you get insects spawning naturally inside caves. Check the world tile and if it says 'Caves" at the bottom of the info list, that's why.


Ah, that makes sense. I was in a mountainous biome with caves. e.e


have you deleted the colony? I think it would be really F.U.N to try and make things work out despite everything!.


I have, sorry. e.e I thought the same thing in hindsight, but I deleted it in my rage. e.e