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Damnit Jimmy! Now I need to wait a few months for you to post anything. Still waiting for you to post another comic.


Damn, I wasnt even sure anyone actually read my stuff.  I really do need to get more of my comic done.  I found an artist for a new story that we are working on but my original is still fun, I just hate how long it takes to make them with my limited patience and artistic ability.


please write on, this story is by far one of my favourites


I would probably leave comments on your comics but I am too lazy to make another account for commenting.

I have too many anyways.


"So Chet, get all your stash buried?" Sari asked as she opened up another beer.

"Yes, a lot of money but we can't spend it all yet anyways so it's for the best."

"Yea, you made the right call.  What should we film now?"

"I caught sight of the guys working on something outside using the parts from the drop pods."

"Sounds like it could go horribly wrong, let's check it out!"

Sari and Chet left the bar and headed off to where the craftsmen were beginning to fuel up a pod launcher.  Some other men seemed to be filling the pod with cargo.

"Hey, Dickens!  What's going on?  Glad you are feeling better."

"Thanks Sari, we radioed a friendly settlement and talked about using pods instead of caravans to transport goods between us.  This is the test launch."

"Should be good footage?"

"Sure, if something goes wrong then at least it will look cool."

They stood back at a safe distance and watched the pod ignite its engine and blast off towards the distant settlement. 

"So what did we load that thing with?" Chet asked Dickens.

"Well, we weren't sure if it would survive but we wanted to test its weight capacity to see how far it would go.  So since we weren't using any of the uranium we had, figured it would make good ballast."

"My science is a little rusty..." Sari started to say as the pod left visual range. "...but the idea of launching uranium on something that can explode at a settlement of people doesn't seem like a very safe thing to do."

"We rigged it so that if anything went wrong, it wouldn't explode."

"Well that's a relief." Sari sighed.

"Indeed, if anything the modifications would cause it to implode."

"Wait... what?" Sari asked a moment before a brilliant flash of light on the horizon blinded them all for a few moments until it faded away.

Slowly, as their vision returned they could see a giant cloud forming in the distance in the shape of a mushroom.  Chet was about to ask what happened when a massive shockwave hit them and sent everyone flying for several meters before hitting the ground hard.


I've missed these, good to see them back out.
Life is Strange


If your thumb is bigger than the nuclear mushroom, you're safe!
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Quote from: Thyme on January 27, 2017, 02:17:24 AM
If your thumb is bigger than the nuclear mushroom, you're safe!

Radiation travels further than the blast radius. They are all fucked of they don't get into the mines.

Also they just nuked an ally. FUN!


Sari lit the dim lamp and started the camera recording.

"Day 17, The fallout has killed all the local wildlife.  They mayor sent out everyone to gather the corpses before succumbing to toxic buildup.  Many people did not survive."

"Day 22, The meat harvested from the animals is causing many to get sick from the toxic meat.  I don't know why nobody knew this would happen."

"Day 43, Food riots in hydroponics has caused six deaths.  At least the rations will last longer now."

"Day 65, Storm outside today, lightning strikes have blasted our solar panels apart and caused the wind turbines to collapse.  If we hadn't a geothermal plant in the mountain we would be without power."

"Day 77, The toxic meat has caused many to go mad and force us to put them down.  Chet was found eating his own arm, I had to kill him."

"Day 102, The halls are deserted, so many dead, their corpses line the halls, rotting away, so few of us remain."

"Day 123, The others have finally snapped, they are gathering weapons and coming for me.  They don't speak anymore, just chant in gibbering madness.  I have a gun.  I will end them."

"Day 123 entry 2, I've been shot, I killed the last of the others but I am hurt.  Damn mayor really held on."

"Day 131, I am infected and soon to die, whoever sees these recordings should know, everyone in this colony deserved to die, leave now while you can, this whole place is DOOMED!"

"Day 137, I..."

"Damn it Sari!  Get out here and help us haul in supplies before the fallout hits us!  What the hell are you doing?  Why are you dressed so raggedly?" Chet shouted from the doorway.

"Shut up Chet!  I am making survival journals in case this turns out to be really boring."


 ;D I really lol'd at the last one.

*goes back to lurking*


this is amazing, hope it isn't dead now.


"Day 2, I have gone mad and will end the lives of everyone soon." Sari muttered loudly.

"You know Sari," Chet spoke up. "I appreciate you being more honest with your logs this time, but isn't this a bit of an overreaction."

"Look, I get that some people didn't like my fictional journals..."

"Everyone was upset and angry, except for the doctor, he thought they were hilarious."

"But, that doesn't mean they should be able to tell me what to do.  Being stuck in here limits my creative options."

"Their only request was something happy and uplifting.  I get that's rather difficult inside a mountain but still... there is a wide gulf between being as positive as you can, and the monstrous insanity of your journals."

"Granted, but unless you have some ideas, I can only contemplate murder."

"We can always just interview people and ask them what keeps them going."

"You mean placate everyone by letting them see themselves on television?"

"Yes, exactly.  Also, if anyone has problems with it, they can go after the person you are talking with, instead of you."

"Good call!"

One round of interviews later, Sari was tweaking, ready to kill the next person to tell her they were taking it one day at a time.  Nobody had anything useful to say and she bristled at how much people enjoyed seeing themselves on the television saying the same things as everyone else.

"I know you aren't happy Sari, but people are enjoying this more than your stuff.  Sometimes you gotta make people happy if you want them to tolerate the other things you do."

"Chet, we have been underground for six days and have been running these interviews non-stop.  I need to talk with new people."

"Well good news, some idiots have been out wandering in the fallout and thought attacking a wall of turrets was a good idea.  The turrets made short work of them and now we have a prisoner.  Doc patched her up and says she can have visitors."

"Do they want 'ME' to talk her into joining?"

"God no, they don't want you anywhere near her.  But they also didn't post a guard at her door so..."

"So let's go tell her we won't stop her if she breaks free.  With any luck she's a brawler who can toss around a few people.  Interviewing people after they get their asses kicked is always fun to watch."


I had half written the next part, thanks for posting, reminded me to finish it.  Its been a long time.  Im glad others still read it.  Just noticed id been spelling Shari instead of Sari, fixed.  Let me know of any other spelling mistakes.

If anyone has the ability to animate or draw, id love to do a visual series on RW


you could maybe talk to SrGrafo on the Rimworld discord or on his discord RimworldMe, you can search him up on tumbler as well so maybe he would like to help?

i don't know i haven't talked to him in a while. you could always talk to him about it tho.