ExtraHard difficulty bugged

Started by mecatxis, July 16, 2018, 03:00:54 PM

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I've found that the report keep saying:
Quote========== Def-injected translations load errors (294) ==========
Found no RimWorld.DifficultyDef named ExtraHard to match ExtraHard.label (Difficulties.xml)
Found no RimWorld.DifficultyDef named ExtraHard to match ExtraHard.description (Difficulties.xml)

But They are correctly defined in difficulties.xml :
Quote<ExtraHard.label>Extra hard</ExtraHard.label>
  <ExtraHard.description>Face brutal survival challenges. The price of survival is blood.\n\nRecommended for: Players with a lot of experience who want to push themselves beyond Hard mode.\n\nSucceeding at this level requires a well-rounded understanding of diverse strategies, an eye towards preparation, and some luck. Threats can spike and combine in vicious ways, so sometimes you'll have to accept serious losses to survive.</ExtraHard.description>


You got it wrong. It's saying there is no souch def as ExtraHard in the game. That's why it's a load error, because you have it in the translated XML. You should have missing def reported for Rough I think.



I use to use https://github.com/RimWorld-zh/RimWorld-English as base to translate

It's Difficulties.xml file uses the key "ExtraHard.label". I see that German translation uses "Rough.label". I will try.

If RimWorld-zh is not a confident source, how can i get the Definjected files updated to current development version?


Easy, the report tells you exactly what you miss and what you should delete. You don't need any "base" anymore. First comment out all the reported load errors from all the files, these are not needed. Then fix the missing ones according to the report.


And for the file 'Interactions_Animal.xml'? For example?

The format of the file changed completely. I get a bunch of errors similars to
QuoteCouldn't inject AnimalChat.logRulesInitiator.rulesStrings into RimWorld.InteractionDef (Interactions_Animal.xml): Field rulesStrings defined on type Verse.Grammar.RulePack is not a field on the target object which is of type RimWorld.InteractionDef.
Parameter name: obj

I have it in the same format as RimWorld-zh, but the German file format is completely different with the new
Quote<li>tamed->machte beruhigende Laute in Richtung</li>
and so.

How can you know what to do in those files?

Sorry! I'm not right! RimWorld-zh looks to have the correct format, but still you need a base, no?


Yesterday's update(1.0.1967) broke the list format, I confirmed with Ison. I guess today's push is going to fix it. You can ignore those load errors until then.