@ModSuggestion - "How NOT to die a stupid death"

Started by kobar, March 24, 2016, 03:48:07 PM

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I've seen many videos and playing by myself and realized that colonists now - as stupid as ads autors.
They can simply find path through fire, enemies, dangerous areas to get some items to haul.
Example: Playing with SK mod, on super hardcore conditions and have one last hope to not get rekt by raiders, by sending skilled colonist on defend. And guess what? Yes. He just walks into a raptor flock, and dies a glorious death not fighting them but keep walking to his goal.
R.I.P in peace, dear Byte.

Well, the only thing i want to know is if it even possible to access AI and make changes in pathfinding, to make them try to avoid dangerous areas. And if it is - this is request, pretty much.

UPD: I'm not criticize Tynan for such pathfinding, i was into gamedev earlier, and i know that pathfinding and AI is hard to even understand the logics.
Thank a lot, KoBar.


Have you tried using restricted zones? It works pretty well to avoid certain areas.