[Mod Request] All Haul, All Clean, All Grow, All Mine, etc....

Started by nuschler22, March 28, 2016, 01:57:31 PM

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I think there a couple of mods out there that allow presets, but I haven't really found any that are easy to use.

I don't know how difficult it would be (perhaps impossible) and I have no idea how to make a mod or I'd do it myself.

Basically, I'm looking for a mod that you'd be able to click a button, and everyone would do the required task.  There are times when I have 100's of something to haul, and repeatedly switching everyone to haul as a priority then switching it back is a pain.

It would be nice to have the one check mark.  Then undo it when you're caught up.  It would be handy for hauling especially, but also for cleaning, mining, growing and perhaps even crafting.  I know with some of the other ones that quality comes into it (construction, tailor, etc) it might cause more harm than good if you want quality work.

If you can do it and think others would use it, it would be much appreciated when the next Alpha comes out.

Fluffy (l2032)

Both EdB's Interface and my Enhanced Tabs have this functionality. EdB's adds a row for the squad (which is by default all colonists), and mine allows shift-clicking the column headers. (mine also allows other cool things, such as sorting pawns by skill in a worktype, and changing the built-in order of worktypes and workbenches (workgivers).

This is just setting the priorities though, afaik there's no mod to directly tell everyone to go do X right now. But setting a priority of 1 for everyone is usually plenty.


its the setting it back to what it was, i think was the pain point for him.
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come to think of it, it would be nice to save entire job chart for all colonists, then switch to another, and so on.
while Work Presets only allow presets for single colonist.
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