Your best colonist?

Started by FyrnSkulblaka, March 27, 2016, 11:12:43 PM

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One of my most cherished characters. I play iron man mode so no reloads for me if a colony fails.. I let it fall. But she was a vat grown sex slave, 16 years old named Alice. She wasn't really good at things at first but then she went robo cop and had a high construction / shooting skill. I actually bought her a full set of bionics eyes, the works. She was killed incidentally on the operation table by the max level surgeon ... using glitterworld meds... I was upset and promptly arrested and killed the surgeon, lets just say after the second wave of raiders no one was moving.. woops.


There was a colonist called Mike from my first successful colony. Mike was a badass. Fast builder, miner, hauler, even helped out some of the farmers from time to time.
But what everyone remembers Mike for was his shooting. He was a legend among the planet, rumors stating he could hit a Boomrat from two miles away. When that slender figure marched up to the battlements, both his friends and foes knew the battle would soon be over. Some of the colonists were even thinking about dismantling all the turrets for metal, since no soul could get past Mike.

So, one day some raiders came along. For some reason, they just kept throwing themselves at our fortress.
Long story short: bodies were dropping left and right. The colonists had only lined up their sights when Mike already dropped three of the pirates.
Finally, the assault was broken, and the remaining pirates started running away. But Mike wasn't gonna let them go that easily. He jumped over the sandbags, and the rest of the colony followed.
Picking up a sniper rifle from one of the pirates, he lined up the shot...
And then, Boom.

Mike has been shot to death.

Turns out, the senile 80 year old man with cataracts in both his eyes managed to get his hands on a sniper rifle before battle, and was also aiming for the runaway bandit... right behind Mike. He had shot Mike's head clean off, and the bandit got away.


Yep,  friendly fire is an absolute bitch in rimworld. Melee fights only make it worse.

Also this is why you don't arm old people,  especially with heavy hitting guns like a sniper.  Or if you do,  stay the heck away from the bad end
Why to people worry about following their heart? Its lodged in your chest, you won't accidentally leave it behind.


Its bad because reasons, and if you don't know the reasons, you are horrible. You cannot ask what the reasons are or else you doubt it. But the reasons are irrefutable. Logic.


Bog, I play with a few mods... expanded prosthetics (I love me having a full range of choices). So far he's still alive. 
Good shooter, good builder, and most importantly, lucky as balls. He was injured lost his jaw, and one of his hands... Good thing a ship crashed nearby, because it was full of medical supplies! 
More than anything he's just a solid fighter... with painstopper... He builds, and just keeps the colony going... Because of him nobody has been taken by raiders, he's chased them down every time and shot them as they flee...