If I buy this now will I get a steam key?

Started by Rx7000, March 31, 2016, 12:36:15 AM

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Hey everyone, want this game so bad.  I was wondering if it is purchased now when it releases on steam will a key be provided?



**** it, after looking and reading posts, im going to buy it anyway =P


You probably won't regret it. I bought it in late 2015 even though I rather would like to have it on Steam, and I'm absolutely amazed. Whenever I play it extends into these kind of binges over a few days, I don't have many games today that do that anymore :)


Quote from: IgorKeefe on March 31, 2016, 12:41:28 AM
No, sadly not. It has something to with the Steam contract. They want to make sure enough people buy it from their platform so they get a cut, which is understandable.

This isn't accurate at all.

Please see the FAQ on ludeon.com for the real answer.
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Oh, I apologize then. So there's a chance that people will get a key *if* it is possible - I just thought it was that way since the possibility to get a key after the cut-off in November 4, 2014 is usually treated as "rather no".

So, does a contract even exist? If so, what does it state about keys?


I think the issue is mainly about stopping games from being being able to use the promise of future Steam Keys as a selling point when the game is not yet on steam and has no date to be on steam.

I would guess that the contract probably prohibits Tynan from specifying what his agreement is about steam keys at this stage, as that could be Advertising suture steam keys.

This is just my ideas.


Quote from: IgorKeefe on March 31, 2016, 01:44:17 AM
So, does a contract even exist? If so, what does it state about keys?

The specific rule is that you're not allowed to sell keys to a game that isn't also on sale on Steam.

If I was promising Steam keys, I'd effectively be selling them. I used to do this and Valve told me to stop.

However, Valve does also provide unlimited keys. And, we have a system set up (rimworldgame.com/getmygame) to distribute them instantly on release. So I can't promise anything, but I do want to give everyone keys, and I can give everyone keys. But I won't sell you a key now or a promise of one. It's a weird sort of situation, but legal restrictions can be weird.

Anyway that's all public information so I'll let you decide based on that.
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Hey Tynan I appreciate you responding very much, thank you (And others).

What I heard from friends and what I discovered reading the forums and catching the part where you pay homage to dwarf fortress and prison architect had me sold even without the steam key.  Playing and loving the game, and I appreciate the fact that youd like to see your customers get keys I hope things work out and that actually happens.  Take my money and thanks for the game and your time!


This is only my guess. But It looks like Tynan can generate unlimited keys, and probably he will do it. However what I understood, if he tells us that everybody will get key when game hits Steam, he is effectively selling Steam keys when game isn't on Steam, so Valve can make problems. You won't get confirmation from Tynan because of this, but this is just because of regulations.

If this post can cause some problems for Tynan, and release on Steam, feel free to delete it.