New mods for a 3 year old colony

Started by Justas love, April 03, 2016, 01:22:00 PM

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Justas love

Can someone please suggest what mods should i add for my old colony that won't break my save.

Curently running with:
Mending, medicine crafting, EPOE (expanded prosthetics and organ engineering), high caliber, rimfire, turret collection, industrialisasion, EDB, CCL.

Don't troll me and ruin my save.


you're pretty safe to add almost any xml based mods that only add new items or workbenches

Justas love

Is new research gonna break the game?


just backup your saves and try adding mods.
read the mods description, most of them have it pointed out whether they require fresh game\world or not.
welcome to the Rimworld - a world full of cannibal drug-addicted psychos, but free of vegetarians.

Justas love