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Started by igz33, April 04, 2016, 08:30:57 AM

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Hi there,

I have an issue with extreme lag when I got a group of visitor of about 25-30 visitor come at the same time, They stay at the map border and the game is so slow that I cannot do nothing. When I edit the save file I can make them go back and leave and the lag stop. But after 20-25min they come back.

Is there a way I can turn off the group visitation for good? Thanks alot.

If there a way I can limit the amount of visitor to 10 max, that would be nice. But my computer can't handle 30.

Computer spec:

Hp Pavillion
Quad core
8g Ram
Radeon R5

Thanks for the help!


Technically its not the same as turning them off, but if you go into far enough negative relations with the different factions they will stop sending visitors... They would send raiders instead.


I though of it, but the lag is too huge to even interact with them... As soon that they show up there a lag peak.


I've had this issues playing modded, but not the vanilla one.

When raids of 100 tribals would appear, I had a huge lag spike, for 3 to 5 seconds, but then it would kinda smooth out. I believe that is a Unity problem. It does not support multiple cores