[A13] Can't save my colonists

Started by Laaggen, April 07, 2016, 03:56:30 AM

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Hello i experienced a strange bug just a few minutes ago.

I was building a battery room when a zzt'z happened and my colonist went down (Still alive) and the room burst into flame, My other colonists put out the fire and went to save him but could not  (yes i had a bed set to medical)

But! then i set the medical bed to prison bed and that seems to have worked, however now he was a prisoner.

Edit due to typo's


Maybe all available beds were outside of colonists allowed areas?


It happened at the start of the game so had all beds in the same building and all my colonists was on unrestricted might have been a one time bug, but i thought i send it in anyways ^^


Did you accidentally arrest instead of rescue?

edit: nevermind, misunderstood...


Maybe all available beds were burning?

//edit: not sure what could cause this, maybe all beds were burning or unreachable. I'm locking this thread. Thanks for the report. If it happens again, please report it (best with a savefile attached)