[Mod Request] Vulcanic Biome

Started by Noa3, April 09, 2016, 04:28:40 AM

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I have no idea from Rimworld moddig and can anyone make a vulcanic Biome ?




Unless Vulcanic is something completely different than Volcanic and I'm just misinterpreting this; this should probably be what you have in mind.   :P

EDIT: I stand corrected! My laziness has failed me again, this doesn't add a biome, it just adds an event! Darn.
Abomination Imagination

Jakub k.

i feel special to have my mod be known by anyone.
my mod is crap and only adds the event of constant volcanic winter/fallout.im currently working on creating a biome,but i need help.this help thread you can see i created couple of hours ago waiting for help. my new mod im making might be similar to what you want


Sounds pretty easy if you ask me. Just gotta add pools of red water or somethin that maybe emits little fire sparks every once in a while to ignite anything near. Set the ratio of Rock higher than ground in the biome thingy.
Abomination Imagination


Maybe add a new type of "ash tree" (harr harr)

Basically, more fire resistant, but less woody.