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Started by Encode, April 13, 2016, 06:44:54 AM

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a normal recipe will only give you hitpoints, quality and the type. Material isnt there.
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then you select thing for crafting you can make items only from cloth or devilstrand in example.
and i like to recycle items say from all materials but not from hyperveawe and all quality lower then good.


1st bill- All weapons below 60 percent
2nd bill- All weapons below excellent, 80 percent
3rd bill- All weapons below normal.

Gives a nice priority to it I think... although twice I had to make bills just for that one gold/silver item (Haven't had a vancidium spear thrown at me yet) and the output is insane. I am not sure if that's base game or this though... Gold spear gave me about 700 gold, so I get to laugh at all the complaints about gold in the forum.  ;D


Quite a pretty awesome mod.
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Good mod, it should be part of the game.

Smelt feature deserves a second look as well, for example charge rifle recycles into 20 steel.


the mod crashes the game if activated along with one of the mods i'm about to list. I don't know which one it doesn't like yet, but here is a catch all if anyone wants to help finger the bad apple.

Combat Realism Core
CCL vanilla tweaks
Crash Landing
Extended Medicine
Extended Surgery

I activated all these at the same time. recycle doesn't work with one of them. I'm still messing with CR to find issues while it's in the update process. I'm posting this here snice recycle is the smaller of the mods.


were do i download it?


Quote from: vexen88 on April 29, 2016, 03:27:09 AM
were do i download it?

Below the post there's an attached zip file, you have to be logged in to download it.


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This Mod can be Usefull if you have useless item but great job


Great job keep a good work
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Justas love

That feeling when you have 1000 uranium from shivs. Best mod ever


Anyone know how to remove plastic/titanium? Can't pick it up after recycling items o-o;;


Quote from: reiia on May 03, 2016, 04:51:57 PM
Anyone know how to remove plastic/titanium? Can't pick it up after recycling items o-o;;

delete it using dev mode?


Is it possible to only recycle items of a certain quality? like poor and below?

Edit -nvm, i found it sorry to bother you with my foolishness. Very nicely done btw


Would it be possible to have this allow us to recycle certain materials? for example atm I want to recycle everything but hyperweave and devilstrand.