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Started by nick.stillman, February 04, 2014, 09:58:56 AM

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I was thinking that, since there is going to be a randomly generated clothing system, could there be a way to add new clothing to players? Like, if you kill a muffalo, then you could harvest it for its hide/fur. Then you can take that to a stockpile or a "spinning table" of sorts. Then the colonists can make clothing. Also, you might be able to add some metal strips to use it as a light armor. Then just have the muffalo randomly "wander" back into the known map. You could eventually add a seasons system as an optional setting (hardmode). Where the colonist cannot wear heavy armor in the summer, but have to wear some thicker muffalo wool clothing in the winter to keep from freezing or getting heat stroke.

Any comments?


I have read that armor is in the works and you will be able to use skins/hides from animals too. I do not know if "seasons" or temperatures will be added. I am feeling a don't starve feel to this idea and could see how it could affect the game as long as winter/summer cycles were slow. My RMB is already sad at the idea of dressing my colonists.


You will also be able to use Raider skins for clothing
So dwarf fortress in space eh?
I love it.
I love it so much.
Please keep it that way.

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I can't wait to start using skins to scare away a whole bunch fo things...

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I'd settle for some kind of "closet" system where we could take the clothes of the fallen marauders, stuff them in the closet, and people could switch to them if they wanted. Ehhh. So many of my suggestions about this game just make me sound weird  :-\

Sheesh we're trying to survive and start a new colony here people! Stop looking at me like that.