New player, any tutorials?

Started by mbond, April 21, 2016, 09:41:25 PM

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I backed on Kickstarter but FINALLY had a chance to actually try the game. I'm enjoying it, but confused about how to do things ... There are a ton of options.

I'm slowly figuring some things out, but is there a good tutorial out there somewhere? I found a couple but they are for much older versions.



There are a lot of LP videos on YouTube showing different approaches. Your question certainly makes me think that after I finish my current series I should do a few Getting Started videos or somesuch; I would be VERY surprised if there weren't already videos like that currently up.


The newest one from what I searched is from Bastart, (Alpha 12)

I do not like their format much at all. One guy is acting stupid, not ignorant, and the other answering. So a better video would be good :).



Yeah, the forum is very helpful with specific questions. You can also try the reddit.

I don't spend a lot of time goofing around in my videos. I have a posting in the video section linking to episode one of my current series for Alpha 13. You can also try Quill18 (probably the biggest YT channel doing RimWorld LPs), I watch his material pretty regular.


Thanks. I'll check around youtube a bit more.

I found one for alpha 13 this morning. But, it is LONG ...

Might be better to figure out what I'm doing wrong and ask some specific questions. Took me a while, but i figure out how to use a stove last night. :)


These are from a youtuber called Feniks Gaming  . they are for Alpha 11 but they are still pretty relevant


This guy plays a lot of Rimworld and is currently playing Alpha 13. I highly recommend his videos.


Quote from: steveuk on April 23, 2016, 02:59:09 AM
This guy plays a lot of Rimworld and is currently playing Alpha 13. I highly recommend his videos.
I was gonna recommend Blitz, but he isn't very good at keeping people sane and happy, and happy workers are hard workers!