MacOS: switching away from full-screen app, can't switch back

Started by docpossible, April 28, 2016, 06:42:58 PM

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Alpha 13, Mac OS 10.11.3

1. Launch game in full-screen mode
2. Switch to other app, either using cmd-tab, or by plugging in iPhone and having iPhoto/iTunes launch automatically
3. Try to switch back to RimWorld with cmd-tab

Observed: sound is on, including rollover button sounds, but the screen shows the Mac desktop and other apps, not the game


correction: using cmd-tab seems to be disabled (which is another bug, basically) but there are other ways the OS can switch apps (plug in phone; hit cmd-option-esc) that leaves RimWorld running but invisible


...or if the screensaver kicks in / puts the computer to sleep and you have to log in. Got the Rimworld cursor and sounds but no graphics.


I'm afraid it's just another Unity issue which we can't do anything about. In the next release, RimWorld will use the newest Unity5, so let's hope this will fix it.