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Started by Yetei, May 01, 2016, 08:35:36 PM

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Can we get a little teaser what we can expect on the next update?

Void for the void-gods...


As I understand it , one new feature will be neck bombs like from The Running man as well as barely functioning red/green fences.

Also there will be a few more diseases. Scavies, scurvey, hot dog fingers, greyscale, lycanthropy, vampirism, and typhus.


Vampirism & lycanthropy?
How's that explained? Mechanites?


i think tynan said he'd be focusing on the "balance" for the next build.

which i think could mean two things :

1) he's prepping things up for something big..

2) he's gonna be wrapping things up, ship this game to steam and then ride off towards the sunset. soon..


i get the feeling that the people who keep saying "nope" to the addition of new features are finally gonna get their wish, but i'm hoping this is just my tinfoil paranoia talking.. haha.


I really hope he keeps putting new features and people get mad because of it. There are alot of space to grow, and I don't believe he will be adding the diseases said above.

I believe next update will be a renew of the bases, core building technics will be reworked, ceiling must be manually placed and removed, you will not be able to act between corners, etc.

I really hope there will be more mechanics to use at the start of the game, like torchlights, woodfences, grill and conserves jars, to make food last longer, etc etc. (Yeah, I know there are mods for every feature I listed above. Expcet Jars. Guys, we need picles.)

Mossy piglet

He said on twitter raids would have leaders
Tardigrades are superior to all other life forms in every way.

Ps I secretly am one I am the king of their civilization.


if you look in the defs recipes in the core files, cant remember which one but I saw green lettered coding stashed away and it was a recipe for vanilla game wood planks


Birth and Pregnancy. I need this one. HAHAHAHAHA. XD
Bleeeee. . . . .


Quote from: Mufflamingo on May 02, 2016, 08:43:46 AM
Birth and Pregnancy. I need this one. HAHAHAHAHA. XD
Wood planks are my wet dream.


Wood planks were already added in the past, but where taken off because people said it was "Too complex"

I hope they add wood planks, kindling, spare parts, eletronic chips, cotton fiber, etc etc. Also war montable muffalos, with spikes, to run over raiders.


New things... Pawns? I wonder how they work and how they can be added
Quote from: StorymasterQ on February 02, 2016, 08:19:52 PM
For flu, try a cock. If that doesn't work, try boobmilk. Nice.


Quote from: Mufflamingo on May 02, 2016, 08:43:46 AM
Birth and Pregnancy. I need this one. HAHAHAHAHA. XD

yea. pregnancy and boob-milk. i think boob-milk should be harvestable.. hahaha.. XD (joke)

kidding aside, most people i've seen here absolutely hate new feature suggestions in the forums, and then eventually rave about how much they like the new features once it finally got implemented.

it's the same with other game forums.. it reminds me about that one time in minecraft when people wanted to add shields and people were like "nope. shields doesn't really add to the gameplay, the devs would be better off doing something else.."

and then followed by : "shields are the bestest evah! why you took too long to implement it?"

just like art, pets, and relationships.. the problem is often about HOW to implement something new without breaking the current awesomeness of the game, but once that problem is solved. it's usually easy for players to adjust.

it's like when tynan removed the "fear factor" in keeping colonists obedient. a lot of people who relied on keeping torture chambers (including myself) had to dramatically adjust to the removal of that feature. but several more alphas later and you don't hear people complaining about it anymore. why? coz the game just keeps evolving and being more awesome than it was..


I have no objection on boobmilk being harvested. Also, put some xerigum in that and make it a hell of a cough syrupe.

I agree with keylocke, the removal of the fertilizer pump also made us work in another fashion. There was so much hate, I believe that time a ton of mods that modify the soil were added.

Also, beating a prisioner up is amazing. Drop a meal in his jail. When he picks it up you smack him up. Good times. If it was to happen right now his jaw would be shattered and he wouldn't be able to eat anymore.