Anyone play Warframe?

Started by Ender, February 10, 2014, 06:09:38 PM

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Hey guys, figured i'd ask if any of you play warframe, as I and a friend recently discovered it, and we are finding it quite the fun game. If you do play warframe and wanna hook up for a mission or two at some point hit me up with a friend request. Ill see you there!

War frame identity: Eritasy
The voices in my head tell me to burn colonists....


I'm playing this like every day with my friends. I really enjoy this game adn it's really awesome. But need some improvements. I think it's cool that Warframe is connected to Dark sector (which is a really good game) :)


ya, its a pretty nice game, i don't play it nearly as much now because i have pretty much beaten the game, Prime warframe, Prime melee, Stalker bow, dex furis secondary i walk through orokin derelict missions and tower III missions like a peace of cake.
The voices in my head tell me to burn colonists....


I tried it a few times but got bored of it quickly. It's not very fun playing with randoms.