How to determine weapon availability?

Started by Wildcard82, May 20, 2016, 04:51:59 AM

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Ok here's the deal, I'm working on a mod to introduce 2 types of weapon, one is a selection of 'improvised' scrap weapons, by that I mean kinda of like the pipe weapons in fallout 4, and the other will be highly specialised, ornate, powerful weapons.
I want the improvised weapons to be used by pirates/raiders but not sold by orbital traders, so you can only get them from raids or (if possible) rarely from the caravan traders.
The specialised weapons I want to only be available from the exotic trader, they should be beyond the grasp of your average rimworld dweller (and are going to cost a cr*p ton to reflect their rarity), something my colony can aspire to but I shouldn't find the first raid that hits is equipped with them.
Can anyone tell me if I can restrict the weapon usage in this way and which tags I need to use to do so?
Thanks in advance  ;D