Is rimworld = earth ?

Started by Bastobasto, May 17, 2016, 05:04:51 PM

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Though I haven't read the lore in a while, I believe it is very possible that the planet you land on is earth. In the RW universe, planets are inhabited, rise up in technology and advancements only to frequently be met with disaster and regress, possibly destroying the human population. I don't see why earth itself couldn't go through this same cycle and the name be forgotten. Also, looking at our position in the galaxy, we would very likely be a Rimworld. 
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According to the game's lore the Rim is a zone at the ends of the galaxy (the outer ring) where stars are few and far inbetween. Earth is somewhere 2/3 from the center, 1/3 from the edge of the galaxy in a calm zone but not the rim, from what I can remember from documentaries.


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In the Rimworld universe there are no aliens, and likely all life originated on Earth. All the animals and plants are Earth life because the colonists brought them there.
Charles Darvin. Evolution.

Even if all life originated from Earth, organisms would evolve and adapt differently. You can't charge gravity or the amount of sunlight a planet gets - not easily, anyway. It's year 5500, that should be enough time for animals and plants to diversify a bit. Different number of moons. Moons affect tidal waves if nothing else.

Think how varied life is on Earth - because environment is so different all over the planet. And we're talking about different planets. Let's say gravity is 20% lower - that would mean bigger bears, thrumbos, rhinos and elephants. Movement would be easier and faster.

Earth had significantly different eras,  and different species thrived in each.