[A13] [OVERHAUL] [WIP] Rimworld Ascension v1.0.1 (23.04.16)

Started by Wivex, May 22, 2016, 07:15:56 PM

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   This is an announcement topic of an overhaul/modpack mod called Rimworld Ascension (mentioned as RA further down). It has been in development for quite a while, but requires even more to work on. So, the purpose of this topic is to introduce it to the community as a raw concept, rather than present a playable build (although you can still download it and play, but it's content is very limited at the moment, and the mod itself has not been properly debugged and balanced yet. Furthermore, some not-yet-finished features has been cut off for this test build).


   The concept of RA is similar to other big overhaul mods, like Rimworld Revamped, Rimworld Forever, Project EONS and so on: long, slower paced gameplay of Rimworld, devided into technological stages, with unique gameplay and features for each tech stage. The difference is that i actually managed to implement most of the required game mechanics and features for such game concept to work. And many more...

Notable Implemented Features:

   Fully automatic containers, which work like stockpile, but allow to stack items. (A final form of Containers For Stuff)

   Improved version of ground caravans. Now with actual hauling jobs to bring colony goods to the trader and reworked trade system to make it work (no more magic distant trading with disappearing items). New caravan AI, carrier texture and trading post as a bonus.

   All not-bench-based jobs performed with tools (currently implemented for plant cutting, building/repair and mining). Pawns automatically pick up proper tools for their jobs, use them, return back to the stockpile or swap with previously hauled primary weapon, if they have backpack to store it. (A final form of Tools For Jobs)

   Improved version of fuel based benches. (I've finished it just before A13 release, so introduction of burners there was a funny coincidence. I've merged my initial burners functionality with A13 ones to get the final result)

   Igridient based research system. You study materials to aquire knowledge how to use them (performed at research table, as usual). Instant blueprint/book based researches as a bonus.

   Tons of other big and small changes/features/jobs/UI and things you can see for yourself. Almost all vanilla stuff removed. Here are some examples of content added so far:

Installation and Compatibility:

  •    It is meant to be played with Core only. Some other mods could work, but considering how many changes to Core this mod does, it's very unlikely. This mod already incorporated some other mods with various changes to them and that's how it intend to grow in the future. (All content from other mods is and will be added after permission from mod owners, of course)
  •    After you enabled the mod, you should create new world for it too.
  •    If you want to disable the mod or try to enable some other mods above it, reload the game after doing that.


   RA lacks proper tips, tutor, alerts and messages atm, but they will be added soon. Here is a small guide for what you should do:

  •    Loot the ship wreck your crashed in to find the survival guide, which unlocks starting build options and researches.
  •    Check nearby crashed drop pods for tools, medicine and survival meals.
  •    In order to aquire more tools, you need to craft them (handaxe and hammer). That would require researching masonry and carpentry. You have no access to picks for mining yet, because mining is not meant to be available in Neolithic period. It's a feature that becomes available after researching smithing in Medieval.
  •    Explore various implementations to the game, but keep in mind that there is almost no content there so far. And you can't progress past neolithic period yet.


Used or Integrated Side Resources:


(23.05.16) 1.0.1: - fixed game breaking bug with crafting.

(22.05.16) 1.0: - announcement release.




I've been waiting for you to release something for this!  You've been teasing us in Slack chat for months!
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Finally we can see how it looks as a whole :D
All i do is clutter all around.



*alpha tester here*
yeah RA is kinda now in its final form... you wouldn't wanna believe that the mod is really unstable when I was testing it :P


Very innovative!
I'm very interested in this.
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any chance of having the container mod as standalone? :D


Yeah this sounds great.  I would also agree that I see a future need for some of these features to be independent modules to pick your favourites from.
Those crude beds make so much more sense for an early setup than the vanilla beds we start with!  That stone butcher's table looks great too. 
For the muffalo I would have expected big saddle bags instead of a cart like that - looks a little cumbersome however technically practical.

Great work, I look forward to hearing more about this development.

Fluffy (l2032)

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Congrats on the release, and it looks like you're getting quite a bit of interest ;)

(Seriously though, use a proper host!)


All images died... Nice...  ??? ("This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!")
Looks like my gifs generated too much traffic (more than 20GB for dropbox).

Update: mod download mirror link added and all images fixed.



Quote from: eatKenny on May 23, 2016, 03:35:33 AM
this will become a big thing ;)
yup. Also this mod will be modular so your mod may be also in it with rebalanced recipes.


Oh dang. I am so excited for this :D Will test in the morning 100%


Hmmm... tested it like 20 min ago , can't do research/craft , my pawns gathered the things needed for it , and they are just standing here O.o + got an error when they are doing that , did i do something wrong ? I have CCL + CCL vanilla enabled :-X