Different ways to handle Raids. Bribe, give prisoners, give colonist or resource

Started by wbonxx, May 27, 2016, 07:50:13 PM

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Is a bit flat the behavior of raiders. They just aim to kill or steal colonist even if I left tons of silver out of the colony.

Doesn't make much sense.

Would be fun to give the player the choice to handle the situation. Risk a fight or hand over few prisoners or plenty of silver - weapons.
Could be a  dialog at the beginning of the raid or a trading option during the initial phase of the raid.

The riders by them self should also try to get animals and silver when they find it in or out of the colony.


nice idea, but as for kidnapping animals I'd say after a certain level of intelligence in the animal it should fight back, requiring the enemy to incapacitate it before it can be kidnapped, much like colonists. tis easy to kidnap a chicken, but look me in the eye and say you wanna try to kidnap a trained war dog Hmmmmmmmmm?


I once had the event of a guy joining the colony followed by pirates, at the same time I got a traveller passing by.
The new colony member made a bee line for the nearest gun in the colony, the pirates, for the traveller. They kidnapped the traveller and strolled merrily away.
So it's not unfeaseable, having raiders come for resources.
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You can already give a colonist if you're creative. Make him drink beer until he's unconscious. "Rescue" him to an outside sleeping spot.

What a dick move. What a rude awakening.


I'm happy to inform you that as of next version, raiders will switch to stealing things and try to leave with their loot, if they see enough good stuff around. It's similar to kidnapping.

So, you could just leave a pile of silver for them to get a similar effect.
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Uh oh! Sounds like I can no longer leave my non-deteriorating stockpiles outside.


Quote from: b0rsuk on May 28, 2016, 07:07:49 PM
Uh oh! Sounds like I can no longer leave my non-deteriorating stockpiles outside.
or just keep them inside your defense perimeter. if you are forced to retreat the supplies will be taken instead. voilla!


They won't steal wood and stuff - only things that are worth stealing.
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Justas love

Quote from: Tynan on May 28, 2016, 10:05:32 PM
They won't steal wood and stuff - only things that are worth stealing.
So i can pretty much survive raids by making 2-5 sculptures and puting them outside huh?


Will it depend on market value? Some items are really cheap to make and can still be worth a lot as item/furniture.


Maybe a good way to handle this would be to make some raiders like traders in that they arrive, have a leader guy who you can "trade" (surrender goods to) with a demand for 500 or 1000 silver worth of goods, and if you either don't give up this stuff or lob a mortar shell in to them or whatever they attack like they do normally.

I don't think every group of raiders would be like this, and maybe whether they offer this could be dependent on how you've treated raiders in the past? So stuff like:

  • Releasing prisoners
  • Fulfilling demands
  • Giving goodwill silver through the comms console
Would increase your relationship with that faction and if you're able to get to green they'd either come by less often, be more willing to accept tribute and maybe even offer protection if you call for it (they'd want to protect their good little productive colony who gives them what they demand when they demand it, you're under their protection so long as you pony up when they want it.)

This could make it interesting when you're just starting out on Randy and he makes 6 raiders appear while you're still only got your 3 colonists with a knife, pistol and rifle and no turrets set up yet. Do you give away your starting medicine or fight it out and hope to not use as much medicine recovering? Do you pay them the 500 silver they demand and risk not being able to buy the awesome shit you need from a outlander trading group?