Colonist don't take the max quantity to build.

Started by Listen1, June 03, 2016, 07:06:02 AM

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I would first ask for someone to reproduce it, I deactivated my mods but the result was the same.

When building power conduits and floors, the builder dosen't take the max amount to the construction. When you force him to do that, he says "Hauling 56 steel to blueprint" but when he arrives at the material he only takes 9.

I forgot to take a screenshot of Miller health, but he only have a scratch in the torso. No one else was building, only Miller. Besides the conduits, there was a geothermal generator blueprint.

Here's the screenshots and the output_log.

When ordered
When materials were taken
Mods I run my game with

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One thing I have noticed is the first part "Hauling XX steel to blueprint" only denotes how big the pile is that the pawn is pulling from. He then pulls the resources for as many construction spots as he can, which is why those two numbers aren't always the same. If he only has to build one conduit, it could still say Hauling 75 steel to blueprint because that is how big the pile is, even though he only needs and will only pick up one.

However, he has to take into consideration any other pawns that have reserved other construction spots. I think sometimes if there are many construction spots in a row (like walls or conduit lines) and pawn A only reserves the first 6 spots before the pawn B reserves the second 12 (since the reservations take place almost at the same exact moment), any spots past that are two far for Pawn A to consider close enough in the same area, so he doesn't pick up for those. This causes Pawn A to carry less than his max capacity. I haven't tested this enough to know for sure if that is happening. Just an observation.
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For the test above I took in consideration that other people might be constructing, but was not the case. Miller was my only "1 priority" constructor. There were more than 30 spots that he could build, but he grabbed only 9, placed them there, built them, and went to grab more steel.

I believe in other versions it was usual for them taking a full stack and building it. Specially with big projects.

I'll devmod something else in lunch, see if I can reproduce it.


Tested it, if you make 75 conduits, your constructor will take 75 from one stack and build it all at once.
If you have many stockpiles of steel, it kinda derp it up.

Follow the steps on this imgur to test it.


I've seen this far too often too.  It's annoying.