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  • July 12, 2020, 08:35:23 PM
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Author Topic: [Alpha 5] The Horizon Initiative [Mod]{Functional}[Version 1 A]  (Read 1170 times)


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Hey people!
I've begun work on a new mod known as The Horizon Initiative!
The mod is based on the idea of making an alternative building material.

The material replacing Metal is known as Horinzium.
Currently it can be used to make a light and some walls.

But of course, more is sure to come!

Attached below the post is the very first working version.
The issues with the resource, textures, and the MEaRS system were
neatly ironed out by ItchyFlea.

Below is the changes made by ItchyFlea that I noticed, and appended to the back his comments.

Changelog for future reference and for anyone possibly facing future issues.

Horizon Mod A.1 Revised [Fixed by Itchy]

Plantdef was reverted back to the Core standard.
Plant was properly tagged as such in XML name. (Possibly for better reference?) I find doing so helps me to remember what is what.
Texture paths ignored addition of texture file in the path. (Game read it as Textures/Textures/....)
Plant added to Defname. (Confused the game about the resource and the plant.) Not exactly. Just did that as a personal preference.
Raw added to resource. (Confused the game about the resource and the plant.) Again, mostly for personal preference. In this case though both the plant and the resource initially had the same name. This would have caused issues.
Lifespan reverted back to 200000. (Unknown reason for change.) The lifespan you had initially was far too high, and was causing problems. Specifically this: Exception parsing <lifeSpan>20000000000000</lifeSpan> to type System.Int32: Exception parsing System.Int32 from "20000000000000"
Traderscarry true was added to resource def. (For compatability with game?) You initially had <purchasable>true</purchasable>. That tag no longer exists in this version of RimWorld, and was replaced with <tradersCarry>. A few other tags were also replaced with their A5 equivalent. IE: <MenuUIIcon> changed to <uiIconPath>.
Sound paths added to define sound. (Weird I didn't notice that before.)
Food paths added to define food. (Weird I didn't notice that before.)

Total changes: Many
Change Severity: Major

All that said and done, i'd like to make sure that everything added in is working for everyone
else, therefore the reason for this very very very alpha release.

How the mod works:

Uses a modified hydroponics table to produce Horinzium.
Horinzium gives negative nutrition when consumed and is never cookable.

Known Problems:

Wall texture does not render right.
Flooring texture did not work right. (Didn't scale to a single block.)[Removed]
Horinzium is very quick to produce and may need a balance nerf.

What will be in the next version:

Fixes to all above problems if possible.
Addition of basic furniture such as tables and chairs.
Addition of more lights.

What is planned:

A way to make a table that generates horinzium without a hydroponics base.
The whole hydroponics table generation leads to problems like horinzium having
to be a food, and needing a light source, growers etc.

Any feedback, help, comments or complaints are appreciated!

[Sorry for the format of this post, I usually make good effort but its 1:25 AM]

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