Social Economy

Started by Demonantis, October 12, 2013, 07:52:41 AM

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Probably not a simple thing to implement, but I think it would add a lot of depth to the game. In a direction you hinted at in the kickstarter. They are stranded so there wouldn't be a monetary economy. Add a social economy. The characters would track how much work the other characters do around the base compared to themselves, their relationship, and resources consumed. If there is to much of a deficit the characters would fight, work against each other, just talk about it, or avoid each other. You could have duels under the "clock tower" or arbitration from the group leader depending on the deficit and the characters values. Not easy to implement. Probably would be tricky to balance. Would be awesome to watch it unfold. Something I am seeing as really tricky would be enabling the gamer to respond to the social problems and fix feuds.


While realistic, I think it is too complex for what Tynan is wanting to accomplish.


There's currently currency in the game, and you can spend it on passing trade ships' goods. Individual travelers also come down to the planet, so official currency could also be used on them.


I like this idea very much, and it would fit the necessary inter-colonists relationship system. It is also an easy work: work units already exists in the game, it's just keeping track of the whole sum of work over a certain time. People with more work will have worse relationships with people with less work.