Best animal purely for a pet?

Started by quxzcover, July 09, 2016, 06:37:33 PM

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i was wondering what the most efficient animal was just to have around as a mood buff was. take into consideration:
- their life span
- how much they eat
- how easy they are to care for

possible animals include:
Yorkshire terrier
golden retriever


Husky labrador and golden retriever is the same as far as i can tell. All 3 are the best pets to get.
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For flu, try a cock. If that doesn't work, try boobmilk. Nice.


Lablador and husky are not pets. They cann carry/rescue and attack.

Cats are probably best pure pets, can do nothing.


Squirrels are good pets, I never noticed how much they eat(good thing), don't worry about their life span because they breed quick, and are easy to get.
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Mossy piglet

Tardigrades are superior to all other life forms in every way.

Ps I secretly am one I am the king of their civilization.


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Because I mean who doesn't want a giant rodent as a pet!
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Anything but a yorkie. Yorkies don't nuzzle.


on the wiki these are the ones that were classified as "pets". can all animals nuzzle?


Quote from: quxzcover on July 11, 2016, 06:08:24 PM
on the wiki these are the ones that were classified as "pets". can all animals nuzzle?
Yes all animals will nuzzle (even if it would be super weird IRL)
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Based on the criteria given in the OP, tortoises beat all other pets (at least as of A13 ... as shown in the A14 tease, A14 will have a lot of new critters).

Cats actually -do- things, just not in a controlled manner ... they will hunt small game on their own and
the sharp-eyed player can capitalize by getting the uneaten portions of cat huntings to their freezers, and I'm pretty sure they eat much more than, say, tortoises.  And very few species beat tortoises for lifespan -- their only rivals for long lifespan are much harder to tame and eat a lot more food.
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From what I hear Yorkies nuzzle the most and cats are the second most.