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Get your key!
Everyone who legitimately purchased RimWorld from ludeon.com is eligible for a Steam key.  Yes, everyone:

How do you get your key?  Easy!  Click this link to get started, or read below for more information.

Official Keys Only
Please ONLY purchase RimWorld directly from Ludeon or Steam.  Do NOT purchase anywhere else, and especially beware "half-price keys".  It's a rip-off scheme by thieves that hurts everyone involved:

Known Issues

* Steam Key is "[order status: initial]"
Order status: Initial means this account doesn't have access to the game. Sometimes one email has leftover initial orders in addition to the good order, and the system sends you the initial order because it's first. You'll get a key, email [email protected]

* "Duplicate Key" when entering Steam Key. First, try the key giver again. If it gives the same key, email [email protected] and ask for a new one.  NOTE: This applies ONLY to games purchased on the official RimWorld website before July 17.  It's been temporarily shut down for later purchasers due to piracy issues.  See https://ludeon.com/blog/2016/07/steam-key-giving-stopped-for-new-buyers/ for details.
Should be resolved with the updated registration process
Got comments or questions?  Post 'em!

Hello, just registered to report this. I've already checked the link and wrote my e mail. But i only got another sendowl download link and no steam keys yet. Do i have to wait for it or is there a problem right now ?

Edit: Its all fine now. I'm downloading the game :) Thank you for your response. And a big Thanks to all hardworking Ludeon Studios Staff!

Good timing.  :)  I was just expanding the post to include all necessary steps.  Read the OP again and see if that helps.

Also, somewhere between steps 2 & 4 you're asked to login to the Steam website, I think.  I didn't record that part and don't remember how it happened.  If you can tell me, I'll add it to the steps above.

After going through the steam link. You have to login with your steam username and password. After a succesfull login it directs you to a steam page very similar to your getmygame link.
There you have to type your e mail adress that you receive update links.
Then it sends the key to the e mail adress you have typed in.
And on Steam games tab theres an option Activate a product on Steam.
I typed the key i got by e mail in there. And it activated the game.
Then i clicked at the library and installed the game!


I know mine is a relatively uncommon issue, but I purchased rimworld from your kickstarter (What was it 3 years ago now?) and the email I used for kickstarter has since been compromised, I am willing to do anything necessary to prove that I am in fact a legitimate backer. (Who purchased the kickstarter backing in the distant past) Feel free to message me at the email associated with this forum account if you're willing to look into the issue and would like further verification, anything I can do to prove my identity I will do so.

A longtime supporter of the game

tldr: I can give you the previous aforementioned email address but I can't actually access the contents of it. All I'm simply asking is a way to change the email my steam key download goes to.


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