Debug log location?

Started by infinitewarp, July 16, 2016, 11:04:27 PM

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Please forgive me if I've posted this in the wrong forum. I searched around in here, the wiki, and the subreddit, and I couldn't find an answer to this question.

When debug mode is enabled, you can view exceptions in the "Debug log" window. Are these logs written to disk somewhere? Where is that? (I'm on a Mac, BTW.) I couldn't find anything in the usual places like where saves/worlds live nor in the app bundle itself.

If it's not written to disk, is there a convenient way of copying text out of the Debug log window? Clicking around and pressing cmd-c or ctrl-c don't put anything in my clipboard.

(I have a couple of bugs to report on the Hospitality mod, and I was really hoping to be able to include the exception stack traces.)

Thanks!  :)

edit: Oh, and I'm talking specifically about the non-Steam version A14 (0.14.1234 rev1377).


Also, I did see this in the readme.txt:

QuoteFor debugging and troubleshooting, the output_log.txt file is in the _Data folder in the game install folder.

But I don't see that file being written anywhere.

infinitewarp@Hackintosh:RimWorld$ pwd
infinitewarp@Hackintosh:RimWorld$ find . | grep -i 'output_log.txt'
infinitewarp@Hackintosh:RimWorld$ find ~/Library/Application\ Support/RimWorld/ | grep -i 'output_log.txt'


After much digging around, I've discovered that the oft-referenced sticky HELP: [A14] How to Install and Update All Types of Mods. is actually wrong about logging for Mac.

For anyone else looking here for an answer to my question, the Mac apps actually behave like the Linux binaries in this case. There is no output_log.txt written by default, and to get the logs, you have to launch from the command line with an extra argument pair "-logfile FILENAME". In my case:

infinitewarp@Hackintosh:RimWorld1234Mac$ nohup ./ -logfile ~/Desktop/output_log.txt &


By now (0.19.1998) it is in /tmp/Rimworld.log on a GNU/Linux system