[1.0] RedistHeat (Oct 29, v50) Ported to 1.0

Started by Morgloz, July 19, 2016, 02:19:23 PM

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A fully working heat redistribution package, from massive cooler to air duct systems.

Equalize temperature of every room
Build a (lockable) vents to equalize temperature between adjacent rooms. Build massive duct networks of your own and make central heating/cooling system.

Better graphics
Vents and ducts can only be built over a wall, rather than acting as one. No longer clutter your fort's walls with one-cell vents. Small cooler and medium heater, which are also wall mounting, comes with this mod.

More tools
Big bases can use industrial scale heaters and coolers for effectively keeping its temperature.

Omniwatch's video guide

Source code

I'll explain it a bit.

First, now you can connect the industrial versions of the heater and the cooler to the duct network. You can't ouput to the net an the room at the same time so I added a button to switch between the two.

Second, the the duct outlets need flow to distribute the network heat. The only way to generate flow is wit the duct intakes each producing 16 units of flow. Since the outlets require 4, you can have up to four per intake if you want them at full throttle. The intakes suck a lot of air so a room of at least a 4x4 room is needed. They will also pull air from connected rooms so the temperature in the surrounding rooms is also important.

The new system is poorly tested so feel free to post about any bug fixes/balance suggestions/general feedback you want.

Please remember that if you want your save to be remotely compatible with the update you must destroy every industrial heater/cooler and exhaust por you have. Even then it may still be incompatible.

That's all! I'm sorry for the long wait and I hope you have a great time playing with this mod :)

Can I use this with a modpack I have?
You can. There might be imbalances but it will work.

Can I upgrade from lower versions? / Can I use this mod with existing colonies?
Upgrading to v44a from lower versions requires you to destroy and rebuild every duct intake/outlet for the changes to apply.
Also, to install RH on existing colonies, you must first destroy every vent and temperature building first.

License info
RedistHeat uses this license

Steam Workshop

Special thanks to Kaballah for his active and passionate feedback.
And finally thanks to Latta, the author of this mod, for this great addon which I think it's a necessity for extreme biomes.

Please report anything that isn't on the list.

  • Some placewoker issues (nothing serious)
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I tried to place a medium heater and these errors popped up when construction was finished.

I can't even deconstruct it, so I'll have to reload a save.


I recommend you get rid of medium heater or remove its lighting function as it's rigged dirty.


Also another point, the heater in vanilla rimworld is movable. The small heater in RedistHeat is not movable.


Fixed and released, also some textures are backwards, I'm working on it. Then I'll look the moving thing.
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Indiana Mogens

Oh thank you almighty Morgloz. May your journey be long and prosperous



The textures are fixed and the small heater mobility has been added. As allways, feel free to post errors or suggestions you may have.
I might consider adding it to steam workshop tomorrow.
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Thank you! Another of those must needed mods taken out of my checklist.



I have loaded the A14 version of this mod alongside a few other mods I am running and started a new game, I have the CCL also installed and my games gives me no errors but both the medium and the industrial coolers are not cooling.

I should point out the small cooler is working as described however.


I also have the same problem Mrshilka.  The medium and industrial coolers don't seem to work.  Plus I couldn't figure out if it were possible to connect them to the piping system in the first place, which would be a nice feature.  Lol.

A Crazy Russian

I have the same problem as Mrshilka as well, but a workaround iv found is using the duct coolers as heaters.  They can keep a refrigeration line while also producing enough heat to warm a fairly large base.
Everybody says that im crazy, but i like to think of it as seeing the world for what it really is.


Havnt gotten to industrial cooler yet, however Medium Cooler is not cooling, only the small one.