[Tutorial] How to Make a RimWorld Mod, Step by Step

Started by jecrell, June 03, 2017, 05:00:43 AM

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Hello there!

Thirst of all, thanks for the tutorial!
I even get the gun placed in the game but when a colonist trys to shoot it always has the same error:

[attachment deleted due to age]

Thom Blair III

I use Mac. Do you have any recommendations on tutorials on how to learn the basics of VS for Mac? The layout of VS for Mac is so dramatically different from the Windows version that it's impossible to follow your tutorial.
I was surprised to read about Angkor Thom in Cambodia. I looked up what "Thom" means and it's "big" or "great", so my avatar icon is ធំ which is "Thom" in Khmer.


This is wonderful! Thank you.

However, I do have a question:

What namespace and assembly name should I use if I intend to alter the base rimworld files?

FOR INSTANCE I'm trying to alter the smooth speed. Tynan told me there's a few job constants that hold this information, and I found them in dnSpy "JobDriver_SmoothWall" and "JobDriver_SmoothFloor". What do I do if I'm not adding new Defs? Just add the assembly? Use the Rimworld namespace?



Thanks for this tutorial.

Is there documentation on all of the classes that we can inherit from?  I'm an expert in Java but a novice in C#. Java has Java Docs that show packages, classes and methods: https://javaee.github.io/javaee-spec/javadocs/

Does anything like this exist for RimWorld? If not, is there anyway to get a copy of the source code?


Thanks for the tutorial.

I am a total newbie to modding and I have absolutely no clue what I am doing. I tried to go through the tutorial step by step and it seems to work until step 36.

Then it gets a little unclear what I should do. I tired my best and I end up with a bunch of errors when I try to build my project in step 46.

It would be really helpful to get files that work with the latest version of rimworld - I certainly have an error somewhere in the second "class" i created and i guess some things are obsolete or updated in the latest version of rimworld. The attached files have been removed by the admin due to age. Does someone have working files ? I'd like to compare and find out what I did wrong.

I want to learn. Plz help.


An updated version of this tutorial is now available on the wiki


The wiki also links to a GitHub repository, where a working version of the mod resides.


Hey, thanks for the guide! It was very useful!

So currently I am trying to make a similar melee weapon, but instead of applying plague, it will increase its damage if the target has plague. Can somebody help me with it? Mainly on which function I need to override and how to change the weapons damage conditionally.