Do tame grizzly / other bears eat rotten human corpses?

Started by asanbr, July 23, 2016, 09:48:23 AM

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I'm trying to find max use for human corpses, and one nice way is to butcher them and use the meat to tame / train combat animals like bears.

I was also wondering if I could simply stockpile human corpses somewhere and have the bears feed on them, haven't had time to test this out so was wondering if someone else has?

Will they eat rotten corpses?


All I know is that if you put the corpse somewhere in a stockpile and the bear has access to it, yes he will eat it. This also implies to every animal that you've tamed (they will eat what they prefer after all =P ).

But as for rotten, I'm not sure.


All carnivores will eat corpses. Rotting corpses too.
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If you want to avoid mood (and relationship) penalties, don't chop up the corpses. Just leave them somewhere cold and give your carnivores access to that area. They will feed themselves using the corpses. It's a bit inefficient, but it requires very little input from the player and gets rid of corpses easily early on. Carnivores will eat rotting corpses with no ill effect, but not dessicated ones (it's basically a skeleton at this point).


Only if no live pray is nowhere on the map (outdoors). Predators will go through the whole map to hunt a colonist or a squirrel but will ignore corpses and free meat.