where did 'low expectations' bonus went?

Started by LoSboccacc, July 25, 2016, 06:11:18 AM

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I haven't seen the 'x' expectations bonus line in a while, which were a nice thing to have for when one crash landed into a barred and frozen cesspit.

does anyone know the triggers? are they broken?


What difficulty are you playing on? That might be related.


Isn't that moodlet largely based on wealth? So I assume if you started the game with a lot of wealth then it might not appear at all.

My current game was a custom one Pawn bare bones setup, and the Pawn started with "Extremely low expectations", and after a raid it changed to "Very low expectations" because my wealth shot up due to the items I gained. So this particular moodlet still exists, but I do not know the exact trigger points (but I guesstimate the above change I mentioned occurred at 10,000 total wealth).