[A14] ADogSaid - EPOE workbenches

Started by syntax1993, July 27, 2016, 11:52:41 AM

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If Syntax1993 doesn't update this one, I will make another one (that we will release alongside ADogSaid) because EPOE have changed quite some thing with the last update. I'm still waiting a bit to be sure to not step on his toes (and i'm working on other mods :p )


the result is conflict.. yes conflict, what else ? as example,GUNS..!!  i love guns.., big guns too.. like turret. that is why i never negotiate with terrorist because i have many of em. as so much mod made about guns i take em all, the result...conflict!! each mod have 1 or more specialty as the result in bill menu :a bench can provide 2, 3 or more same type guns, in some case or many case i can not browse the bill menu to see my favorite guns, either way they from many different mod. some time they dont work at all, or miss behave ( what ever mean. that is not working,,, properly! (missing, losing, not shooting, and many thing.. )
and make me manually edited them all by my self to avoid unnecessary things. thats takes time, many time for many mod to join it so it can work together. so you all modder, are right about many thing.but each have their own perspective and vision,  so piss modder.., be peace... 8) just  join perspective and your vision too.


If someone can translate... I haven't understand what you said


Quote from: kaptain_kavern on September 15, 2016, 01:21:16 AM
If someone can translate... I haven't understand what you said
English is my first language and neither can I.