Colonist forever busy hauling while rearming a trap

Started by mzbear, July 29, 2016, 07:37:47 AM

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My line of traps inside a narrow passage was cluttered with steel slag chunks and I went to rearm. The colonist ended up spinning around in place, constantly hauling a chunk back and forth between two cells.

I'm guessing he wanted to rearm the trap in cell A, but it had a chunk on it, so it moved the chunk to the neighbor cell B. However, afterwards it probably tried to rearm the trap in cell B which was now closer, and moved the chunk back to cell A. GOTO 10.

I cancelled one of the two rearm jobs and everything proceeded smoothly again.


"GOTO 10" - lol, reminds me of days gone by.  :)

It sounds like after hauling the chunk it rechecks the job list (rather than carrying out the original job selected).  Good find and thanks for reporting.  A screenshot would be nice if you can make one, since a picture is worth a thousand words.


I've seen this in Twitch streams but after 10 minutes of trying I can't repro it.

Can anyone post a savegame where it's happening?
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Here is a save file demonstrating the hauling chunk loop that can occur when rearming traps (the save file was created with 14e).

When the save is loaded, the Pawn named "Caligari" is in the process of rearming one of the traps in a row of traps. There is also another trap waiting to be rearmed below the target one (this seems to be a factor in the bug triggering). 7 of the 8 tiles surrounding the original trap are either mountain tiles of have chunks on them (so there is only one adjacent tile to move the chunk to).

When "Caligari" moves the chunk to rearm the trap, his orders appear to reset and the new order selected is to rearm the closest trap, which is the trap below the original target. This seems to be the trigger. This means he has to move a chunk, which he does. Unfortunately he moves the chunk to the tile containing the disarmed trap he was originally ordered to rearm, and when he moves the chunk his orders reset again, and so the loop begins. (I tested the trigger by cancelling the order to rearm the trap below the target trap, upon which "Caligari" moved the chunk as before, but then proceeds to rearm the target trap and avoid the loop).

Edit - Please note I have not seen any Twitch streams or videos of this etc. So I do not know if this is the same bug I have reproduced (but it sounds like it is).

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