Door+cooler makes heat disappear

Started by mzbear, August 04, 2016, 06:26:27 AM

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Place a door into the output cell of a cooler. The 100C of resulting temperature disappears into nothingness as long as the door touches an open cell of a room.

EqualizeTemperaturesThroughBuilding() appears to overwrite the door's own temperature with the average of the surrounding rooms, making this heat disappear entirely.

PS. This is a different bug than the other heating exploit, although the bug is in the same function. The other exploit abuses the clamping of heating/cooling that occurs when equalization rate is greater than a participating room size, this one abuses a simplification that ignores the heat energy of the temperature equalizing building itself.

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Well, this actually makes a fair amount of sense, since a door is not completely air tight, taken in context with the actual report, yeah that does seem like a bug, normally the door would be letting air flow to the outdoors. So my question would be, is it heating up the outdoors and not magically disappearing?

I have to admit though, I can't think of a logical scenario where you would do that with a door, other than to exploit.