[1.0] Mend And Recycle

Started by notfood, August 06, 2016, 09:02:41 PM

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Fix your items! Then recycle!

This mod is a rewrite of the original Mending by Wastelander. It introduces the Mending Table and allows you to completely repair the durability of weapons, clothes and armor. Also adds a bill to the tailoring tables to recover materials from the things you don't want to repair.


No more custom tab. You are able to manage priorities and work done, just as vanilla.


Progress bar to see how much work is left to do.


You don't like something? You change it. The mod is very modular, you can forego the Mending table and move the recipes elsewhere. You can create your own repair recipes that take as long as you desire and require as much energy or fuel as you want. I pack two versions of the mod: Normal version comes with mending kits that are used as fuel and easy version requires half the energy and no fuel.


You need to research Mending in order to build the Mending Table, it requires mending kits built in the electric tailoring workbench, their use is toogeable in settings. Work modifiers apply so you can speed up the work done.

You can recycle in the tailoring benches. Recycling doesn't require power, though when powered, you get to recycle twice the materials.

Mending Latest

Source code Archives GitHub

  • Wastelander, original mod
  • Skyarkhangel, A12 update
  • topp2000, A13 update
  • NotFood (A14, A15, A16, A17, B18 updates)
  • KiameV (support)
  • Syrchalis (textures)


Nice job on the rewrite. Everything looks great!!


I can't wait to use it. I have been waiting for someone to make this mod better, with costs! Now that you have tweaked it a bit, any plans to work on it more? I have no mod skills of any note, but a failure chance, such as you have for construction would be cool. Likewise, have the original item as in, cloth pants <good quality> could become cloth pants <normal quality>. Then after the lowest tier quality is reached it dissolves or is destroyed. Something like that. Again, thanks for your work thus far!
Damn Pirates!


Failure chance seems possible, from working in Infused I think the quality of an item is final because it defines stats, even if you downgrade it, the stats have already been set... Would need to recreate the item, it'd lose infusions... I'll do some research.


Look at skullywag "armour repair" on github. I think it work like that



Yeah I know. If he had glimpsed in the A13 thread we could have worked together or something. I noticed it when somebody pointed it out after I had uploaded it to steam. He put a lot of emphasis in the component requirement so I know he was lurking. *wink* *wink*

His version uses the old tab and it's not as flexible, basically.


Nice, is this essentially the same thing as your upload in the A13 thread? I'm using that right now.



Quote from: notfood on August 06, 2016, 11:39:35 PM
Yeah. No changes.

Okay great, thanks for making it easy to modify.  I tend to change things around myself ( or try to ) if I feel like something is off.  The way apparel decays irks me a little and this mod makes a little durability loss a lot less frustrating.


Nice, really liked this version of mending.


nice mod I tried easy mending works great . I use High Caliber mod and I don't think it works with it


High Caliber mod probably has their guns in a different category. Can you see which?


Quote from: Monzer on August 10, 2016, 05:15:00 AM
nice mod I tried easy mending works great . I use High Caliber mod and I don't think it works with it
i using high caliber and easy mending , everything fine ,no issues at all, try striping one by one, that's how i troubleshooting the problem. dont forget to put it back before strip another ones , keep doing it until you find wich mod got conflict ."owh man!, that is really pain in the *ss..!", yup it is!, cause there is no mod can do conflict checkers .


Only the category matters for the mending recipes I put. If their items are in a different category, you need to modify the mending recipes to include them. I can help you add them if you can tell me which category.