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Started by lingbot, September 21, 2013, 04:42:37 PM

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Not really sure where I should post feedback so I'll start here so it gets archived with each version.

Second playthrough on Consistent, I got a lot further than before and built pretty much everything I wanted until fire hogged my computer to a crawl which was around the end of cycle 3 with 9 colonists, 2 prisoners and a raging fire about to consume my colony.  Some specific points:

- The map I played on was maze-like which made turrets more effective as they could not be out ranged by rifles.  OTOH, I didn't get any raiders with rifles, they all had pistols.
- Mostly ran out of minerals at the end and had to trade which was a bit tough going.
- When I was out of minerals, I tried exploratory mining but it's so slow it's not as very effective.  Instead...
- Hydroponic crops are too easy to grow, I could engage 6 colonists full time growing 4 benches with 3 sun lamps and get a few hundred food in a day.  Made for very easy trade goods.
- Didn't have any colonists join out of their own free will, I had to turn every raider which was pretty easy to turn (intentional?).

Ty had a question why I edited the registry to switch to windowed mode, it's not obvious that the tick above screen resolutions is a button since it's not surrounded by a box.  I know now!

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Awesome, thanks for the feedback!

I'll look into the balance of hydroponics.

Interesting colony design with all the disconnected buildings.

I hope to make the prisoner-turning process a bit less wholly-consistent.

Reminder - you can take screenshots with F11 and F12.
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The disconnected buildings is really a response to the lack of fire defence and then I spread my power network so buildings had multiple power lines for redundancy.  If fire wasn't a feature, I would have built a series of domes interconnected by tubes because I picture this game as a 60's sci-fi movie. :)


Big base you got there, I hope you got a lot survivors and turrets to defend the separated buildings..


That's a good point actually, I had a geothermal power source way outside my base that powered all the turrets and the raiders walked straight past it into a turret cross fire.  Raiders should target the power generators as well as anything or anyone with a weapon.  If I was a raider, I would just pop the fragile power conduit.