Grizzly bears hauling issue

Started by Monzer, August 16, 2016, 09:11:02 PM

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Hey I hope I'm at the right place to report this . when one of the colonist was crafting armor vest and he is hauling steel to the bench the bear haul it back to the stockpile . well that's it ty


The bear hauled what back to the stockpile? The vest?

What happened after that?

Can you reproduce the issue?
Tynan Sylvester - @TynanSylvester - Tynan's Blog


Sounds like he means the steel used for the vest was hauled back from the bench before work started (pawn abandoned the work?)


yes the bear hauled the steel back to stockpile ( from the bench ) while nick was going to get the rest of the  material . the stockpile is marked as critical