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Started by thekillergreece, October 14, 2013, 09:21:30 AM

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I saw some videos and read wiki as well, and I noticed that RimWorld has huge lack of melee weapons.There is only one melee weapon which is risky and useless I guess, : Fists.

I am adding some ideas for melee weapons...

Damage: 25
Recharge Time: 2 seconds
Found: Uncommon. From raiders or around the planet.

Damage: 10
Recharge Time: 1.5 second
Found: Common. From raiders or around the planet.

Recharge Time: 2 seconds
Found: Uncommon. From raiders.

Damage: Instant death(By ripping head off or torse)
Recharge Time: 5 seconds
Found: Rare. From special raiders(Unknown if will be added)

Damage: 5
Recharge Time: 0.5
Found: Common. From raiders or around the planet.

Recharge Time: 2 seconds
Found: Common. From raiders or around the planet.
Survivors or raiders can carry only 10 rocks.

Recharge Time: 3 seconds
Found: Rare. From raiders.

Recharge Time: 1.5 second
Found: Uncommon. From raiders.


Damage: 50
Recharge Time: 10 seconds
Range: 32
Accuracy: 2
Price: 2.500
Found: Rare. From raiders.

Damage: 25
Recharge Time: 1 second
Range: 5
Price: 500
Found: Rare. From raiders.

So..Thats all...Hows that?


You should add these to the cheap ideas thread.  Tynan regulary checks it and I would hate to have him miss your ideas.


Hmmm in the current game (yeah I know pre-pre-alpha) there probabbly arent melee-weapons, because they would not make sense.

Charging an auto-turret or a guy with a rifle means insta-death. This might be subject to change if Tynan will implement ammo consumption ^^


Melee combat do needs some refinement (after all, there's a hand-to-hand skill), but it might be hard for it to find its place in the actual context of the game, as ranged weapons are everywhere.

The evolution or raiders (which is in the works) could be made smoother, for instance by throwing stone-age-armed enemies at us at first.
Of course, we'd then have to be equipped the same way, possibly also not having access to turrets so early.
That's borderline on other specific threads, so I'll stop here.

TL;DR: *Yes* to more use of melee weapons, possibly *no* to so many, though.


Any reasonable context is going to have it play second fiddle to shooting, that's for sure.

However, if the raiders are able to break into the colony proper we might very well see some house-to-house fighting, where the ranges are so close that two fighters could start a tussle over who has the right to shoot the other. That and bayonets should make hand-to-hand plenty helpful to have when it comes down to it.

Another possibility is to change the name to close-quarters combat and have it affect any sort of fight at very short ranges, whether it be hand-to-hand or with guns.


I agree with British saying Melee combat should play a bigger role, but without needing an excessive amount of melee weapons to do so. GC13 seems to have a good perspective on ranged versus melee combat as well.

However, instead of making Hand-To-Hand a "within a certain range" combat stat, maybe we could rework melee combat to be more viable? For instance, melee combat could make is easy to incapacitate someone instead of kill them, making it preferable if you're trying to capture someone. Being in melee combat could provide cover from ranged attacks for both of the combatants. Though melee combat will likely never be as viable as ranged combat, it can at least be a feasible alternative.


There are all sorts of ways to subdue someone from range, so I don't think that would be the most reasonable niche for hand-to-hand. It would be more useful in a law enforcement capacity or in a "lone drifter" capacity where you'll have a lot of conflicts that fall short of the life-or-death struggle that we see against raiders. Like, maybe if someone resists arrest they'll fight using hand-to-hand.

In combat though, if it stays hand-to-hand you have to either take the guns away from people (in which case hand-to-hand is useful exactly as long as it takes to buy some pistols) or go with the idea of it as a grapple where you're trying to shoot or stab the other guy while keeping him from doing the same to you.


Quote from: GC13 on October 15, 2013, 03:35:22 PM
There are all sorts of ways to subdue someone from range, so I don't think that would be the most reasonable niche for hand-to-hand.
Not necessarily a niche per se, but the better ranged weapons and the more colonists you get, the more chance for raiders to just be killed instead of merely stunned (lead storm incoming !).


I want to start a colony with a surly bearded man named " Old Man River" who keeps the young whipper-snappers in line with fisty-cuffs and  a quick clip behind the ear. He would charge into battle with his trusty shillelagh and really show those raider trouble-makers whats what! Eh?

Anything that allows me to imagine a narrative something like that gets my vote.


Combine melee weapons with the "Extra equipment" idea (in other thread):

Colonists have three slots:
Ranged Weapon
Melee Weapon
Non-combat Tool