[B19] Synthmeat: Space Tofu

Started by twoski, August 27, 2016, 12:42:12 PM

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This mod adds a new type of genetically engineered plant that produces synthetic meat.

You must research Synthmeat before you are able to grow it. A growing skill of 8 or higher is needed.

I am aware someone else may have done this before. I wanted to do it myself because i like to make sure things are balanced appropriately.

Get it now: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=938860383

Non-steam link (and source code): https://bitbucket.org/twoski/rimworldmods/downloads


You may include this mod in a modpack, however do keep in mind that i may update it. It is better if you add this to a steam-based modpack since steam automatically updates when i submit my changes.

You may derive from this mod but please add a visible link to this mod if you do.



I'm generally againts GMO, but I'm gonna make an exception here. Meat in Tundra!

I did some math to compare it with rice, if you're aiming for fine meals like I do:
on 100% soil, they perform ~ 1:1,4 (rice:tofu)
in hydroponics, they perform ~ 1:1,6 (rice:tofu)

Seems balanced to me. Calculations were done based on game data.
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Hello! Can you make a SeedsPlease! patch?


I've never used that mod, i assume i would just need to make a seed definition for synthmeat?


I think you just need a seed def and a recipe def for extracting the seeds for convenience.
I don't know how you would go about getting the first synthmeat for extracting seeds though.
You could look at the defs for the SeedsPlease! mod if you need to, source code is also provided on the thread.
Looking at the defs, they seem to use a base seed and a base recipe.


Hey guys, I already added Synthmeat compatibility to SeedsPlease. Google Drive

Add the mod after Synthplease and SeedsPlease, requires 9 raw pieces of synthmeat to extract 4 seeds, a seed costs 5.44$ from merchants. Either add some seeds at the start of your game via prepare carefully or get my seedsplease rebalance and pray to the RNG god that the next seed trader will have it.


Thank you! Now I can play with SeedsPlease! and Synthmeat! Yay for ice sheet meat! :D


updated to a17, please post bug reports on the steam page. cheers.


Could we get a few screenshots of the mod items, and maybe a slightly more in-depth description?


There's some pics on the steam page if you're curious.

It's basically a source of meat that can be grown in soil. Has a small yield and is fragile as a plant and must be researched. Also, only level 8 gardeners can plant it.


updated to a18

increased the time it takes to research synthmeat for balance purposes.