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Started by Dubwise, August 28, 2016, 06:51:41 PM

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Quote from: Headshotkill on December 22, 2016, 05:44:31 AM
Will this mod be completly implemented in the Mars mod?

No there's just a simple version of the reactor to replace all the power gen that i removed


I don't like making suggestions for mods because I respect the author's vision and the fact it's something he does in his free time, but can there be a little more BOOM when a reactor explodes in the next version? :D

Besides that I've thought of a reason why someone would need a machine capable of producing electricity that equals multiple Geothermal plants:

Powering up the spaceship's energy cells.
I think it's still a lot easier to build the spaceship rather than making the long journey so I thought maybe there could be some sort of energy cell that you must build on the ship, how many depending on the ship's total mass and power said cells up with a ludicrous amount of energy.


Damn it, I'm so excited to try it out , looks so amazing and complex. How's it going? Hope there isn't any serious problem and it will be done soon.  8) ;D





Mods like this make Rimworld my favorite game out. Can't wait for the newest release!


Damn, i am happy you don't use these monster at MARS ! :-)



Wow that is huge update look very nice cant wait til release




How is update going? Can we have some new screenshots or maybe release date?


There's a private beta on steam so I'm guess we are getting the good one soonish.


Got everything blocked in but not finished, weapons systems are mostly working, reactors and meltdowns mostly working, new penetrating radiation works, i'm figuring out rad suit lockers and research now.