Skip or Disable Learning Mode? I can't select New Colony at all

Started by rdz1122, August 29, 2016, 09:48:26 PM

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Has anyone found a way to "skip" the learning mode?  Both the Windows and Mac versions (non-Steam) are forcing me to go through the learning modes, and I can't select New Colony even after "completing" the learning mode.

Any ideas?

Also, on a strange note, both my Windows and Mac versions are forcing everything to be made of Wood?  5 in the Windows version and 25 wood in the Mac?  The Mac one even disallows the creation of Rocks/Mountains, and destructing existing walls turns them into wood!



Are you using any mods? You should be able to create a colony without going through the tutorial at all. I believe someone else said it may be a mod causing the wood wall issue.


Hi Nolan,

Yes a very few mods; I haven't ever seen this type of behavior before, using the older versions of these mods.  I'll remove all mods and go one by one; not sure why they would impact my ability to start a colony and skip learning mode, but the wood everything would be nice to change.


I've seen others who resolved this problem by getting of incompatible Scenarios.


Deleted everything, redownloaded the .zip, unpacked, tried playing with no Mods, and I still can't select New Colony.

I will move this to the Troubleshooting forum.



The ingredient issues in construction (wood in my case) is from the Auto-Turrets Mod by Kilroy232.


I also ran into this. In my case the solution was to remove the config folder (where the saves and scenarios are stored, somewhere in your home directory - ~/.config/unity3d/... etc on linux, not sure where it is on windows) - it had,as BlackSmokeDMax mentioned, scenarios from A14 which broke the "New game" button. Give that a try.