[A15] Pathfinding w/ hydroponics bays

Started by Trblz42, August 30, 2016, 12:01:39 PM

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In A15 I noticed that the path finding of colonist still takes place through hydroponics bays. It seems to happen only during harvesting and not normal walking (drafted or not).

The screenshot shows two spots that are out of reach but are still harvested.

[attachment deleted by admin - too old]
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I don't see a bug here personally. There is a difference between a tile that is hard to reach, and one that is unreachable. Both the tiles in the screenshot are simply hard to reach, and require the Pawns to walk over the Hydroponics Basin (at a greatly reduced speed) in order to reach them. But the same applies to most of the objects in the game, and Pawns will walk over Solar Generators, Workbenches, Turrets etc in the same fashion. There are some objects they can't walk over, such as the Nutrient Paste Dispenser and Geothermal Generators (and likely a handful of other things), but these are in the minority right now.

So this is more a matter of planning and base design. If your Pawns are walking over your Hydroponics instead of going around them during regular movement, then that would be a pathfinding bug. But walking over them because it is the only way for them to reach a sowing area, that is WAD in my book.


Opening post does not describe what the bug with the hydroponic bays actually is?

The only problem I see in that screen shot is the terribly inefficient grow rooms you have.  :P


I was under the impression that some installeble objects should not be walked over, such as the hydroponics. That was the reason for asking / mentioning the "bug"

As for my layout, i know there is a design that covers 76% of the area and mine is at 66%. Choices ;-)
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The hydro' bays have been 'walkable' for many alphas now. Over a year.

You can get 24 bays for every sun lamp. :)


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