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Started by rhtstm, August 31, 2016, 04:09:56 AM

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This mod adds a ton of new weapons for colonists to craft, trade, and fight with.

New weapons are well balanced to fit with the default weapons as best as they can.
Each update will contain at least 1 new weapon, plus bug fix and balance tweaks.
Please report if any errors occurred!

*Weapon Art made by RT.
*Don't hesitate to leave your comments and suggestions below :)
Supported Languages
Simplified Chinese

Currently Avaliable Weapons:


Download Link
01/19/2018 updated
Steam Workshop

Google Drive


Enjoy this mod and also my artwork?
Please consider to support my work and efforts. Thank you! :)

Update Log

New weapons and changes in this update:

*M72 L.A.W

*Beretta M12 SMG

*Tomahawks (Throwing axe)

*Slingshot (Seriously?!)

*MP 18 SMG

*Melee&Range weapon stats balance

New mod version for B18 (Reworked on the whole script, polished some weapon art and sound fx.)

New Sniper Rifle: Kar98

New Rifle: Inferno Rifle

New Ranged Defensive Weapon: Fire Extinguisher

New Ranged Weapon: Shuriken

New Grenade: Smoke Grenade

Steyr SSG 08 Sniper Rifle
Sound Fx
Weapon Stats adjust
Equipped weapon offset stats (Some weapon now have positive/negative stat attributes)

-New sound Fx for weapons!
-M84 Flashbang Grenade
-Russian Translation

-New sound Fx for weapons!
-MP 40 SMG!
-Now support Alpha16!

-New sound Fx for weapons!
-Added: M1014, Uzi
-Sound Fx adjustments for weapons

-New sound Fx for weapons!
-Fixed an error for "Weapon Assembly" research project.
-3 New Weapons!


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Well I was gonna wait for all those other gun mods to update, but I'm really liking what I see here. You've got a download friend.


Quote from: Trigon on August 31, 2016, 04:45:02 AM
Well I was gonna wait for all those other gun mods to update, but I'm really liking what I see here. You've got a download friend.

People are requesting to have a non-steam version for download. So..yeah, hope this help! :) Have fun.


 Any chance of this eventually being made to work with Combat Realism?


Quote from: AseaHeru on August 31, 2016, 04:22:41 PM
Any chance of this eventually being made to work with Combat Realism?

There is a compatible patch for A14 of this mod on steam, not sure if he posted  on here or not. Due to things are quite changing, I don't really have the time to make another version of this mod that works with  CR. When the game officially release I might make one :)


 Well, if its only on steam that wont help me any. Thanks for the information though.


I cant seem to find these weapons in the machining bench (preexisting save file)
Do i need to start a new colony?


You should be able to create them via Weapon Assembly Table. Need to do research! :)


Any chance for a non-steam updated download link and adding a license? I would like to adapt the Grenade Fix mod for some of your weapons if that is OK.

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Does the guns have been nerfed down in order not to get one shot on day 3? Anyway good job keeping this mod up :)

Deimos Rast

I've decided to poke around in the innards of this mod and adjust some things for my own game. So far I've made it through the explosives, machine guns, and melee weapons, and I have to say, I really enjoy this weapons pack. Especially the melee weapons, because that's something most other weapons mods don't touch on much.
I took a long list of notes as I went along, and your OP seems to indicate you're open to feedback, so that's what I'm here for :D.
You mention that these weapons are balanced close to stock, but I found a number of occasions where numbers were off (which is understandable given the size of the mod). Anyway, here is a list of some feedback and suggestions, which you are free to take or leave. And please don't take all this to mean I don't like the mod - far from it! I don't go to all this trouble of giving detailed feedback for a mod I don't like and want to see get better. :)

Make your research defs "RT_Pistols" instead of just "Pistols" as pistols is very generic and might conflict with other mods.
Sniper Rifles - maybe have them require Rifles?
SMGs - maybe have them require Pistols?

You currently overrides all stock local injuries. Not sure why? Also your Bomb & Fire defs are missing "explosionColorCenter" & "explosionColorEdge" fields.

Grenade Launchers:
ai_IsBuildingDestroyer is missing, which stock grenades have.
Rockets have a range of 40 in stock. Stock grenades are 12.9. Your grenade launchers have a range of 35 & 37 (other mods have them around mid 20s, if not lower). Your RPG-7 Launcher has a range of 50 (other mods have it at the stock 40).

Browning Defence Complex is referenced in the Browning config, but I can't find it. I see it in the RT CR Patch, but that just confuses me???

Melee Weapons....a lot to say about these bad boys:
- A lot of these suggestions have to do with "equippedStatOffsets" which I think would add a lot of flavor and utility to them.
- All of your melee weapons have stuffCategories = Woody, which means they can be built out of wood. What I think you meant to use is "costList" and then list the specific costs, maybe? It doesn't make much sense to make a completely wooden machete or fire axe, but it does make sense to have a steel bladed machete/axe with a wooden handle.
- The Neolithic tag implies Stone Age technology, and you're applying it to metal forged technology. By and large, I would use Industrial, with a few Medieval's (e.g. Katana).

- Shovel: 28 damage is insane, as your fire axe does 25. The stock Longsword does 17 and the Sledgerhammer from HC does 27 (maybe less). I would drop the damage significantly (I went to 8), but give it bonuses to maybe MiningSpeed, PlantWorkSpeed, and/or WorkSpeedGlobal.
- Fire Axe: add PlantWorkSpeed?
- Karambit is spelled inconsistently. Nitpicky I know. Sorry. Medieval tech?
- Katana = Medieval tech; boost damage some (13 > 15? Longsword is 17, but slower; Katana might be a touch too fast even), Stuffcost = 80, but Gerber knife = 150???), WorkToMake is too low (less than half the Gerber knife). I'm no "internet expert" on Katana making, but from the documentaries I've seen, it's a meticulous and painstakingly ritualistic process. Longsword is 40,000 and I put mine at 50,000 (which is honestly still low, but gameplay needs to be a consideration too).
- Gerber Knife = add WorkSpeedGlobal bonus?; way too high of damage (better than longsword, when factoring in cooldown). Survival knives are not self-defense knives; they're meant for gutting small game and doing small knife work, hence a generalized WorkSpeed bonus.
- Crowbar = add WorkSpeedGlobal & ConstructionSpeed bonus?
- Baton = bonus points if you give it a custom damage def with increased incapacitation chance ;D
- Machete = Medieval tech? PlantWorkSpeed & ButcheryFleshSpeed; (note: haven't tested if ButcheryFleshSpeed works as expected; seems to according to the game files though).
- Khukuri = WorkSpeedGlobal bonus; has more generalized uses than a machete (according to wikipedia). Medieval tech?
- Huntsman = damage is rather high (18) for a knife. Granted, it is a combat knife but it both hits harder and faster than a Longsword. Generally it's a trade off between the two (more weight = more damage = slower swing). Also, it's damage type is "Stab" whereas from the pictures I saw (and sort of the Texture you made) have the knife with a "Tanto" tip (think Katana style as opposed to gradual curve to point) which is more for cutting and slashing.


It's not a weapon pack if it doesn't have a katana, the 1,000 times folded sword that can cut through 12 inch thick steel.

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Quote from: JournalSnail on September 08, 2016, 11:31:34 PM
It's not a weapon pack if it doesn't have a katana, the 1,000 times folded sword that can cut through 12 inch thick steel.
Not sure if you're aware of it or not already, but yes this mod has a katana. My point was that in comparison to a Longsword it should be somewhat lighter (i.e. less raw damage) and faster (and probably inch out ahead in overall DPS). Thinking about it now, it wouldn't be a bad idea to give it a boost to durability either.
Now if only I can figure out a way to cut bullets in half...