[Tool] gamevswap: easily switch RW game versions on Linux

Started by likeafox, May 11, 2020, 09:59:37 PM

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This is a tool that will allow for seamless switching between multiple versions of RimWorld (ex. RimWorld 1.0 and RimWorld 1.1).  It is for Linux users who do develop mods that support multiple versions and need to do frequent live testing, as well as people who frequently mix up their game experience with new mods that may not support their currently installed version.

Once set up, switching between versions can be done with a simple command like:
$ ~/gamevswap/gamevswap.sh mount RimWorld 1.0
Which of course can be put in launcher scripts and the like.  Also, your mods in your Mods folder will stay intact when switching versions, if you so wish.

You can download and find a lot more details on the product page:


P.S.: I made this for switching RimWorld versions but it is actually a quite generalized directory snapshot tool (so if you don't use the Steam version of RW don't worry). It doesn't even have to be games, it can do versioning and swapping of almost anything.